Foto del docente

Lamberto Tronchin

Associate Professor

Department of Architecture

Academic discipline: ING-IND/11 Building Physics and Building Energy Systems


Keywords: energy performance noise and vibration 3D auralisation buildings' exergy architectural acoustics musical acoustics

the main topics of research are related to  energy efficiency in buildings and applied acoustics. In Energy efficiency he is modelling building wrappers and monitoring indoor microclimate analysing the correlation between energy efficiency (heat insulation of the envelope) and microclimate, especially in historical buildings. In applied acoustics  he is working in the measurements of  impulse responses by means of new  methods based on multichannel microphones. He is working on the design of theatres, concert halls and other music spaces, and in the auralisation of this spaces in listening rooms (Arlecchino rooms founded in 2001). In Musical acoustics he's working in the measurements of ancient musical instruments and he has invented a new vibro-acoustic parameter, Intensity of Acoustic Radiation IAR. He is also working in the nonlinear acoustic emulation of musical instruments and audio devices, and he is the inventor of an international  Patent belonging fo the University of Bologna, namely "Method for artificially reproducing an output signal of a non-linear time invariant system"