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Juri Nascimbene

Associate Professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/03 Environmental and Applied Botany

Director of First Cycle Degree in Natural Sciences

Curriculum vitae

Current position
Associate Professor BIO / 03 (Environmental and applied Botany) at the University of Bologna. My research interests are mainly focused on Lichenology (floristics, taxonomy, distribution and ecology of lichens). I am also interested in studying plant communities along environmental gradients in a context of global change. The focus of my research is mainly related to agro-forestry systems and high altitude environments. I often operate in a multitaxon and multiscale context, from local to landscape to biogeographical scale.

1993 Degree in Natural Sciences at the University of Padua
2008 achievement of the Ph.D. degree in "Environmental alteration biomonitoring techniques" at the University of Trieste.

Academic career
2014 and 2018 attainment of the national scientific qualification for the role of first-degree professor in Botany (05 / A1) and Ecology (05 / C1)
Between 2008 and 2016, post-doc research grants and fellowships at the University of Trieste and Padua

Teaching activity
Since 2006 university lecturer and since 2017 responsible of various courses for the Degree Courses in Natural Sciences and in Ornamental Green and Landscape Protection at the University of Bologna.

Scientific activity
I participated in numerous national and international research programs including:

Member of the national group for the management of monitoring of habitats of conservation interest and activities related to the ISPRA-Italian Botanical Society assignment
PRIN Project "Biodiversity and ecosystem services in Sacred Natural Sites (BIOESSaNS)"
Project "Lichens of the Alps: diversity and climate change", funded by the Austrian Science Fund
Endoflorvit project funded by the Mis. 24 PSR Veneto
LIBERATION Project "Linking Farming and Biodiversity to Ecosystem Services for Effective Ecofunctional Intesification" (VII Framework Program - n ° 311781)
Project "Biodiversity of epiphytic lichens in the forest areas of the province of Bolzano", funded by the Autonomous Province of Bolzano (scientific leader)
Project, "The effect of stand structure on the composition and diversity of different organism groups in the forests of Örség region", funded by the Hungarian Science Foundation (OTKA 68218, 79158)
Biodivigna Project, Mis. 24 PSR Veneto "creation of a model for the recovery and management of the viticultural biodiversity heritage in the Conegliano hill vineyard system"
European BIOBIO Project - Indicators for biodiversity in organic and low-input farming systems "(funded by the FP7 EU project, GA 227161; KBBE-2008-1-2-01)

Institutional activities and academic assignments

University representative on the Board of Directors of the Interuniversity Center called "Big Data - Plant Data Interuniversity Research Center for Plant Biodiversity" and head of the local research operating unit.

Supervisor of post-doc research fellows

Supervisor of a 34th cycle PhD scholarship with a project entitled "Dynamics of plant and cryptogam communities in high elevation landscapes under a global change scenario"

Co-Supervisor of two doctoral scholarships (33rd and 34th cycle)

Member of the Teaching staff council for the PhD program "The future of the Earth, climate change and social challenges"

Awards and recognitions

Winner of the Fund for Funding for Basic Research Activities - FFABR 2017 of MIUR

2009: winner of the "Italian Botanical Society Award" for the best doctoral thesis.

Other activities
2004-2014: national coordinator of the Systematic and Ecology working group of the Italian Lichenological Society.
2014-2016: Member of the working group for the application of the Prosecco hills of Conegliano and Valdobbiadene (Treviso) to the inscription on the UNESCO World Heritage list.