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Ilaria Chiocchio

Research fellow

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Academic discipline: BIO/15 Pharmaceutical Biology


Pucci, Mariachiara; Mandrone, Manuela; Chiocchio, Ilaria; Sweeney, Eileen Mac; Tirelli, Emanuela; Uberti, Daniela; Memo, Maurizio; Poli, Ferruccio; Mastinu, Andrea; Abate, Giulia, Different Seasonal Collections of Ficus carica L. Leaves Diversely Modulate Lipid Metabolism and Adipogenesis in 3T3-L1 Adipocytes, «NUTRIENTS», 2022, 14, pp. 2833 - 2846 [Scientific article]

Sallustio, V; Chiocchio, I; Mandrone, M; Cirrincione, M; Protti, M; Farruggia, G; Abruzzo, A; Luppi, B; Bigucci, F; Mercolini, L; Poli, F; Cerchiara, T, Extraction, Encapsulation into Lipid Vesicular Systems, and Biological Activity of Rosa canina L. Bioactive Compounds for Dermocosmetic Use, «MOLECULES», 2022, 27, pp. 3025 - 3041 [Scientific article]

Mandrone, Manuela; Marincich, Lorenzo; Chiocchio, Ilaria; Zannini, Piero; Guarino, Riccardo; Poli, Ferruccio, Metabolomic Study of Dactylis glomerata Growing on Aeolian Archipelago (Italy), «METABOLITES», 2022, 12, pp. 533 - 544 [Scientific article]

Valentina Sallustio, Valentina Corazza, Nicole Criniti, Ilaria Chiocchio, Marco Cirrincione, Michele Protti, Manuela Mandrone, Angela Abruzzo, Barbara Luppi, Federica Bigucci, Laura Mercolini, Ferruccio Poli, Teresa Cerchiara, Encapsulation of Prunus spinosa L. extract in vesicular systems for dermocosmetic application, in: Adritelf, Biologicals in Therapy, Adritelf, 2021, pp. 1 - 1 (atti di: Biologicals in Therapy 20th Advanced Course in Pharmaceutical Technology, On-line, September 27-29. 2021) [Abstract]

Mandrone, Manuela; Chiocchio, Ilaria; Barbanti, Lorenzo; Tomasi, Paola; Tacchini, Massimo; Poli, Ferruccio, Metabolomic Study of Sorghum (Sorghum bicolor) to Interpret Plant Behavior under Variable Field Conditions in View of Smart Agriculture Applications, «JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL AND FOOD CHEMISTRY», 2021, 69, pp. 1132 - 1145 [Scientific article]Open Access

Mandrone M.; Marincich L.; Chiocchio I.; Petroli A.; Godevac D.; Maresca I.; Poli F., NMR-based metabolomics for frauds detection and quality control of oregano samples, «FOOD CONTROL», 2021, 127, Article number: 108141 , pp. 108141 - 108150 [Scientific article]Open Access

Chiocchio, Ilaria; Mandrone, Manuela; Tomasi, Paola; Marincich, Lorenzo; Poli, Ferruccio, Plant Secondary Metabolites: An Opportunity for Circular Economy, «MOLECULES», 2021, 26, pp. 495 - 526 [Scientific article]Open Access

Cappadone C.; Mandrone M.; Chiocchio I.; Sanna C.; Malucelli E.; Bassi V.; Picone G.; Poli F., Antitumor Potential and Phytochemical Profile of Plants from Sardinia (Italy), a Hotspot for Biodiversity in the Mediterranean Basin, «PLANTS», 2020, 9, Article number: 26 , pp. 1 - 23 [Scientific article]Open Access

Chiocchio I.; Prata C.; Mandrone M.; Ricciardiello F.; Marrazzo P.; Tomasi P.; Angeloni C.; Fiorentini D.; Malaguti M.; Poli F.; Hrelia S., Leaves and spiny burs of castanea sativa from an experimental chestnut grove: Metabolomic analysis and anti-neuroinflammatory activity, «METABOLITES», 2020, 10, Article number: 408 , pp. 1 - 14 [Scientific article]Open Access

Marrelli M.; Russo N.; Chiocchio I.; Statti G.; Poli F.; Conforti F., Potential use in the treatment of inflammatory disorders and obesity of selected wild edible plants from Calabria region (Southern Italy), «SOUTH AFRICAN JOURNAL OF BOTANY», 2020, 128, pp. 304 - 311 [Scientific article]

Lianza M.; Mandrone M.; Chiocchio I.; Tomasi P.; Marincich L.; Poli F., Screening of ninety herbal products of commercial interest as potential ingredients for phytocosmetics, «JOURNAL OF ENZYME INHIBITION AND MEDICINAL CHEMISTRY», 2020, 35, pp. 1287 - 1291 [Scientific article]Open Access

Michele Protti, Manuela Mandrone, Roberto Mandrioli, Concettina Cappadone, Giovanna Farruggia, Ilaria Chiocchio, Emil Malucelli, Gloria Isani, Ferruccio Poli, Laura Mercolini, Analysis of Artemisia annua extracts and related products by high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry coupled to sample treatment miniaturisation, «JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL AND BIOMEDICAL ANALYSIS», 2019, 174, pp. 81 - 88 [Scientific article]Open Access

Chiocchio, Ilaria; Poli, Ferruccio; Governa, Paolo; Biagi, Marco; Lianza, Mariacaterina, Wound healing and in vitro antiradical activity of five Sedum species grown within two sites of community importance in Emilia-Romagna (Italy), «PLANT BIOSYSTEMS», 2019, 153, pp. 610 - 615 [Scientific article]

Chiocchio, I., Mandrone, M., Sanna, C., Maxia, A., Tacchini, M., Poli, F., Screening of a hundred plant extracts as tyrosinase and elastase inhibitors, two enzymatic targets of cosmetic interest, «INDUSTRIAL CROPS AND PRODUCTS», 2018, 122, pp. 498 - 505 [Scientific article]Open Access

D'Abrosca, Brigida*; Scognamiglio, Monica; Corrado, Luisa; Chiocchio, Ilaria; Zampella, Luigi; Mastrobuoni, Francesco; Rega, Pietro; Scortichini, Marco; Fiorentino, Antonio; Petriccione, Milena, Evaluation of different training systems on Annurca apple fruits revealed by agronomical, qualitative and NMR-based metabolomic approaches, «FOOD CHEMISTRY», 2017, 222, pp. 18 - 27 [Scientific article]

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