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Giuseppina Montante


Department of Industrial Chemistry "Toso Montanari"

Academic discipline: ING-IND/25 Chemical Plants

Director of First Cycle Degree of Chemistry and Technologies for the Environment and Materials

Curriculum vitae

Giuseppina Montante was born in Caltanissetta on April 1971.

She is Full Professor of Chemical Engineering of the University of Bologna from October 2017. She was Assistant Professor of Chemical Engineering from October 2002 to October 2010 and Associate Professor from November 2010 to September 2017.


She graduated in Chemical Engineering (cum laude) in 1996 at the Università di Palermo and obtained her PhD from the same university in 2000 defending a thesis titled: "Modelling and simulations of single-phase and solid-liquid stirred vessels" in collaboration with King’s College London (UK).

She carried out research activity at “Experimental and Computational Laboratory for the Analysis of Turbulence”, Division of Engineering, King's College London (London, UK) in the years 1997, 2000 and 2001.

She teaches undergraduate and graduate courses on Unit Operations, Environmental Technology, Principles of Chemical Processes, Bioreactors and Unit Operations in Biotechnology at the University of Bologna.

The research activity is mainly concerned with the experimental analysis and the modelling of chemical, biochemical and process industry equipment, with a particular focus on turbulent multiphase systems. Research efforts have been devoted to the development and application of advanced experimental techniques (Particle Image Velocimetry, Laser Doppler Velocimetry, Electrical Resistance Tomography) and Computational Fluid Dynamics methods for the characterization and the prediction of single and multiphase flows in different process equipment. Special attention has been given to fluid mixing in stirred tanks. In addition, fluidised beds, static mixers, membrane modules for gas mixture separations, filter-press, model bioreactors and inertial separators for oil and gas applications have been also investigated.

On selected topics, she has developed collaborations with Italian and foreign research groups.

Scientific awards

  • Young Researcher Award 2006 from the Working Party on Mixing of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering, “For scientific achievements in mixing research”.
  • Chemical Engineering Science Most Cited Authors Award 2003-2006 for the paper: Nikiforaki L., G. Montante, K.C. Lee and M. Yianneskis, Chemical Engineering Science, 58, 2937-2949, 2003.
  • Chemical Engineering Research and Design Most Cited Authors Award 2006-2009 for the paper: Montante G., Paglianti A., Magelli F. Chemical Engineering Research and Design, 85, 647-653, 2007.
  • IChemE Journals' 2011 Best Reviewers Award, in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the quality of the IChemE journals.
  • Computers & Chemical Engineering Most Cited articles 2010-2012 for the paper: Coroneo, M., Montante, G., Paglianti, A., Magelli, F. 2011, Computers & Chemical Engineering 35 (10), 1959-196.

Role in Scientific Committees

  • Member of the International Advisory Board of The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering
  • Italian delegate to the European Federation of Chemical Engineering, Working Party on Mixing
  • Chairman of the Awards Committee of the EFCE - Working Party on Mixing
  • Member of the scientific committee of the European Conference on Mixing (2009-present)
  • Member of the scientific committee of International Congress of Chemical and Process Engineering - CHISA (2016-present)
  • Member of the scientific committee of the 12th International Conference on Chemical & Process Engineering – ICheaP (2015-present).
  • Member of the scientific committee of the International Symposium on Mixing in Industrial Processed (ISMIP).

Referee for the most important international journals of her field of research, such as: Chemical Engineering Journal, AICHE Journal, Chemical Engineering & Processing, Chemical Engineering Research & Design, Chemical Engineering Science, Industrial & Engineering Chemistry Research, The Canadian Journal of Chemical Engineering.

Since 1999, she has been involved in several research projects financially supported by MIUR (PRIN, FIRB, FISR), European Union (Network ‘MixNet'), CNR, University of Bologna and private companies.

She authored over 100 papers published on international journals and international conferences proceedings.

She is Director of First Cycle Degree of Chemistry and Technologies for the Environment and Materials since October 2016.

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