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Giulio Alessandri Bonetti

Associate Professor

Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/28 Oral Diseases and Dentistry


Incerti Parenti, Serena; Bortolotti, Francesco; Alessandri-Bonetti, Giulio*, Oral appliances for obstructive sleep apnea, «JOURNAL OF THE WORLD FEDERATION OF ORTHODONTISTS», 2019, 8, pp. 3 - 8 [Scientific article]

Maria Lavinia Bartolucci, Francesco Bortolotti, Stefano Martina, Ambra Michelotti, Giulio Alessandri Bonetti, Dentoskeletal long-term side effects of mandibular advancement devices in obstructive sleep apnoea patients: a systematic review with meta-regression., in: European Orthodontic Society Abstract Book, 2018(atti di: 94th European Orthodontic Society Congress, Edinburgh, 17-21 June 2018) [Poster]

Alessandri-Bonetti, Giulio; D'Antò, Vincenzo; Stipa, Chiara; Rongo, Roberto; Incerti-Parenti, Serena; Michelotti, Ambrosina, Dentoskeletal effects of oral appliance wear in obstructive sleep apnoea and snoring patients, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS», 2017, 39, pp. 482 - 488 [Scientific article]

Gracco, Antonio; Stefani, Alberto De; Bruno, Giovanni; Balasso, Paolo; Alessandri-Bonetti, Giulio; Stellini, Edoardo, Elongated styloid process evaluation on digital panoramic radiograph in a North Italian population, «JOURNAL OF CLINICAL AND EXPERIMENTAL DENTISTRY», 2017, 9, pp. e400 - e404 [Scientific article]

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Cameli, M.; Stipa, C.; Ippolito, D. R.; Alessandri Bonetti, G., Long-term oral appliance wear in OSA patients and upper airway effects: retrospective cephalometric study, «MINERVA STOMATOLOGICA», 2016, 65 suppl. n. 1, pp. 151 - 151 [Abstract]

Alessandri-Bonetti, Giulio; Incerti-Parenti, Serena; Garulli, Giulia; Gatto, Maria Rosaria; Visconti, Luca; Paganelli, Corrado, Maxillary first premolar inclination in 8- to 11-year-old children: An observational cross-sectional study on panoramic radiographs, «AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS AND DENTOFACIAL ORTHOPEDICS», 2016, 149, pp. 657 - 665 [Scientific article]

Incerti-Parenti, Serena; Checchi, Vittorio; Ippolito, Daniela Rita; Gracco, Antonio; Alessandri-Bonetti, Giulio, Periodontal status after surgical-orthodontic treatment of labially impacted canines with different surgical techniques: A systematic review, «AMERICAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS AND DENTOFACIAL ORTHOPEDICS», 2016, 149, pp. 463 - 472 [Scientific article]

Bartolucci, Maria Lavinia; Bortolotti, Francesco; Raffaelli, Eugenia; D’Antò, Vincenzo; Michelotti, Ambra; Alessandri Bonetti, Giulio, The effectiveness of different mandibular advancement amounts in OSA patients: a systematic review and meta-regression analysis, «SLEEP & BREATHING», 2016, 20, pp. 911 - 919 [Scientific article]

Alessandri-Bonetti, Giulio; Bortolotti, Francesco; Bartolucci, Maria Lavinia; Marini, Ida; D'Antò, Vincenzo; Michelotti, Ambra, The effects of mandibular advancement device on pressure pain threshold of masticatory muscles: A prospective controlled cohort study, «JOURNAL OF ORAL & FACIAL PAIN AND HEADACHE», 2016, 30, pp. 234 - 240 [Scientific article]

Alessandri-Bonetti, Giulio; Ippolito, Daniela Rita; Bartolucci, Maria Lavinia; D’Antò, Vincenzo; Incerti-Parenti, Serena, Cephalometric predictors of treatment outcome with mandibular advancement devices in adult patients with obstructive sleep apnea: A systematic review, «THE KOREAN JOURNAL OF ORTHODONTICS», 2015, 45, pp. 308 - 321 [Scientific article]

Rongo, Roberto; Valleta, Rosa; Bucci, Rosaria; Alessandri Bonetti, Giulio; Michelotti, Ambrosina; D'Antò, Vincenzo, Does clinical experience affect the reproducibility of cervical vertebrae maturation method?, «ANGLE ORTHODONTIST», 2015, 85, pp. 841 - 847 [Scientific article]Open Access

Marini, Ida; Alessandri Bonetti, Giulio; Bortolotti, Francesco; Bartolucci, Maria Lavinia; Gatto, Maria Rosaria; Michelotti, Ambra, Effects of experimental insoles on body posture, mandibular kinematics and masticatory muscles activity. A pilot study in healthy volunteers, «JOURNAL OF ELECTROMYOGRAPHY AND KINESIOLOGY», 2015, 25, pp. 531 - 539 [Scientific article]

Paganelli, Corrado; Zanarini, Matteo; Pazzi, Elisabetta; Marchionni, Silvia; Visconti, Luca; Alessandri Bonetti, Giulio, Interproximal enamel reduction: An in vivo study, «SCANNING», 2015, 37, pp. 73 - 81 [Scientific article]Open Access

Cirulli, N; Ballini, A; Cantore, S; Farronato, D; Inchingolo, F; Dipalma, G; Gatto, Mr; Alessandri Bonetti, G, MIXED DENTITION SPACE ANALYSIS OF A SOUTHERN ITALIAN POPULATION: NEW REGRESSION EQUATIONS FOR UNERUPTED TEETH., «JOURNAL OF BIOLOGICAL REGULATORS & HOMEOSTATIC AGENTS», 2015, 29, pp. 515 - 520 [Scientific article]

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