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Giulia Landi

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Landi G.; Pakenham K.I.; Benassi M.; Giovagnoli S.; Tossani E.; Grandi S., A model of the effects of parental illness on youth adjustment and family functioning: The moderating effects of psychological flexibility on youth caregiving and stress, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH AND PUBLIC HEALTH», 2021, 18, pp. 1 - 16 [Scientific article]

Landi, Giulia; Pakenham, Kenneth Ian; Crocetti, Elisabetta; Grandi, Silvana; Tossani, Eliana, Examination of the tripartite model of youth caregiving in the context of parental illness, «PSYCHOLOGY & HEALTH», 2021, 08 Jan, pp. 1 - 22 [Scientific article]

Landi, Giulia; Duzen, Aylin; Patterson, Pandora; McDonald, Fiona E. J.; Crocetti, Elisabetta; Grandi, Silvana; Tossani, Eliana, Illness unpredictability and psychosocial adjustment of adolescent and young adults impacted by parental cancer: the mediating role of unmet needs, «SUPPORTIVE CARE IN CANCER», 2021, online first, pp. 1 - 11 [Scientific article]

Landi, Giulia; Pakenham, Kenneth I.; Giovannetti, Ambra Mara; Presti, Giovambattista; Boccolini, Giada; Cola, Alessandra; Grandi, Silvana; Tossani, Eliana, Italian validation of the Italian multidimensional psychological flexibility inventory (MPFI), «JOURNAL OF CONTEXTUAL BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE», 2021, 21, pp. 57 - 65 [Scientific article]

Tossani Eliana, Ricci Garotti Maria Grazia, Mario Mikulincer, Sara Giovagnoli, Gloria Calzolari, Giulia Landi, Silvana Grandi, Psychometric evaluation of the Italian version of Orbach & Mikulincer mental pain scale in a non-clinical sample, «CURRENT PSYCHOLOGY», 2021, 40, pp. 1903 - 1910 [Scientific article]

Landi, Giulia; Pakenham, Kenneth I.; Crocetti, Elisabetta; Grandi, Silvana; Tossani, Eliana, The Multidimensional Psychological Flexibility Inventory (MPFI): Discriminant validity of psychological flexibility with distress, «JOURNAL OF CONTEXTUAL BEHAVIORAL SCIENCE», 2021, 21, pp. 22 - 29 [Scientific article]

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Landini, A.; Crittenden, P.; Landi, G., The parents of child psychiatric patients., «ANNALS OF PSYCHIATRY AND MENTAL HEALTH», 2016, 4, pp. 1087 - 1091 [Scientific article]

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