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Giovanni Pau

Full Professor

Department of Computer Science and Engineering

Academic discipline: INF/01 Informatics


Lin H.; Qiang Z.; Tse R.; Tang S.-K.; Pau G., A few-shot learning method for tobacco abnormality identification, «FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE», 2024, 15, Article number: 1333236 , pp. 1 - 22 [Scientific article]

Wong K.L.; Tse R.; Tang S.; Pau G., Decentralized Deep Learning Approach for Lithium-Ion Batteries State of Health Forecasting Using Federated Learning, «IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON TRANSPORTATION ELECTRIFICATION», 2024, 2024, pp. 1 - 15 [Scientific article]

Bosello, Michael; Aguiari, Davide; Keuter, Yvo; Pallotta, Enrico; Kiade, Sara; Caminati, Gyordan; Pinzarrone, Flavio; Halepota, Junaid; Panerati, Jacopo; Pau, Giovanni, Race Against the Machine: A Fully-Annotated, Open-Design Dataset of Autonomous and Piloted High-Speed Flight, «IEEE ROBOTICS AND AUTOMATION LETTERS», 2024, 9, pp. 3799 - 3806 [Scientific article]Open Access

Chou K.S.; Wong T.L.; Wong K.L.; Shen L.; Aguiari D.; Tse R.; Tang S.-K.; Pau G., A Lightweight Robust Distance Estimation Method for Navigation Aiding in Unsupervised Environment Using Monocular Camera, «APPLIED SCIENCES», 2023, 13, Article number: 11038 , pp. 1 - 21 [Scientific article]

Fadda M.; Anedda M.; Girau R.; Pau G.; Giusto D.D., A Social Internet of Things Smart City Solution for Traffic and Pollution Monitoring in Cagliari, «IEEE INTERNET OF THINGS JOURNAL», 2023, 10, pp. 2373 - 2390 [Scientific article]Open Access

Anedda, M; Fadda, M; Girau, R; Pau, G; Giusto, D, A social smart city for public and private mobility: A real case study, «COMPUTER NETWORKS», 2023, 220, pp. 1 - 14 [Scientific article]Open Access

Lin H.; Chen Z.; Qiang Z.; Tang S.-K.; Liu L.; Pau G., Automated Counting of Tobacco Plants Using Multispectral UAV Data, «AGRONOMY», 2023, 13, Article number: 2861 , pp. 1 - 22 [Scientific article]

Ian V.-K.; Tse R.; Tang S.-K.; Pau G., Bridging the Gap: Enhancing Storm Surge Prediction and Decision Support with Bidirectional Attention-Based LSTM, «ATMOSPHERE», 2023, 14, Article number: 1082 , pp. 1 - 25 [Scientific article]

Ian V.-K.; Tang S.-K.; Pau G., Comparative Analysis of BALSSA and Conventional NWP Methods: A Case Study in Extreme Storm Surge Prediction in Macao, «ATMOSPHERE», 2023, 14, Article number: 1597 , pp. 1 - 25 [Scientific article]

Yang F.; Li Z.; Zhou J.; Zhang X.; Wu Q.; Pau G.; Xie G., Disco: A Framework for Dynamic Selection of Multipath Congestion Control Algorithms, in: q, 2023 IEEE 31st International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP), 345 E 47TH ST, NEW YORK, NY 10017 USA, IEEE, 2023, pp. 1 - 12 (atti di: 2023 IEEE 31st International Conference on Network Protocols (ICNP), Reykjavik, Iceland, 10-13 October 2023) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Yu Z.; Luo W.; Tse R.; Pau G., DMNet: A Personalized Risk Assessment Framework for Elderly People With Type 2 Diabetes, «IEEE JOURNAL OF BIOMEDICAL AND HEALTH INFORMATICS», 2023, 27, pp. 1558 - 1568 [Scientific article]Open Access

Delnevo G.; Im M.; Tse R.; Lam C.-T.; Tang S.-K.; Salomoni P.; Pau G.; Ghini V.; Mirri S., Italian-Chinese Neural Machine Translation: results and lessons learnt, in: Proceedings of the 2023 ACM Conference on Information Technology for Social Good, New York, Association for Computing Machinery, 2023, pp. 455 - 461 (atti di: 3rd ACM Conference on Information Technology for Social Good, GoodIT 2023, Lisbon (Portugal), 2023) [Contribution to conference proceedings]Open Access

Chou K.S.; Wong K.L.; Zhang B.; Aguiari D.; Im S.K.; Lam C.T.; Tse R.; Tang S.-K.; Pau G., Taxi Demand and Fare Prediction with Hybrid Models: Enhancing Efficiency and User Experience in City Transportation, «APPLIED SCIENCES», 2023, 13, Article number: 10192 , pp. 1 - 15 [Scientific article]

Bosello M.; Falcomer C.; Rossi C.; Pau G., To Charge or to Sell? EV Pack Useful Life Estimation via LSTMs, CNNs, and Autoencoders, «ENERGIES», 2023, 16, Article number: 2837 , pp. 1 - 17 [Scientific article]Open Access

Mekbungwan P.; Lertsinsrubtavee A.; Kitisin S.; Pau G.; Kanchanasut K., Towards programmable IoT with ActiveNDN, «ANNALES DES TÉLÉCOMMUNICATIONS», 2023, 78, pp. 667 - 684 [Scientific article]

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