Foto del docente

Giovanni Mazzanti

Associate Professor

Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering "Guglielmo Marconi"

Academic discipline: ING-IND/33 Electrical Power Systems


1) aging and life modeling of insulating materials and systems;

2) statistical methods for failure data processing of power systems components;

3) innovative diagnostic techniques for insulating materials and systems;

4) power systems components life reduction in the presence of harmonic distortion;

5) innovative reliability models of the “Stress-Strength” type for power systems components;

6) new applications of the enlargement formula for breakdown perfomance characterization of cable insulation;

7) combined effects of electrothermal stress, load cycling and thermal transients on residual reliability of power cables;

8) estimation of magnetic fields generated by power systems;

9) innovative four-phase power transmission systems;

10) high voltage direct current (HVDC) cable systems with extruded insulation;

11) tecnical-economical issues relevant to renewable energy sources.


6) The research activity enlargement law in the breakdown performances of high voltage cable insulation consists in new developments of the "enlargement law" for the extrapolation of the values ​​of the breakdown voltages obtained in the laboratory to insulations of power cables installed in the field, accounting for the the effect of the length and cross section of cables installed. The "enlargement law" - traditionally developed and used for high voltage AC cables - has recently been extended to high-voltage DC cables.

7) The research activity combined effects of electrothermal stress, load cycling and thermal transients on power cable reliability consists in the analysis of the effects of cyclic loading and thermal transients on the remaining life of the power cables based on the theory of cumulative damage, the equivalent electrical circuit IEC-CIGRE for thermal transients and electrothermal life models and has for result the estimate of (residual) life of high voltage cables subjected to service load cycles.

8) The research activity estimation of magnetic fields generated by power systems consists in the evaluation via calculation and measurement methods of the level of the magnetic fields produced by electrical systems in residential areas. With the help of ad hoc computer codes and an innovative 3D sensor, the magnetic fields are analyzed generated by:
 - single and double circuit transmission and distribution overhead lines;
 - single and double circuit twisted three-phase cables;
 - Multiple sources in complex 3D configuration.

9) The research activity innovative four-phase power transmission systems concerns the comparison between innovative four-phase transmission systems and traditional three-phase and high-voltage DC systems, considering:
 - technical aspects (reliability, transport capacity, stable transmission, special three-to-four-phase transformers);
 - the environmental impact of transmission lines (electric and magnetic fields, visual impact);
 - economic aspects (costs of construction, energy losses, reliability, impact, land).

10) The research activity HVDC cable systems with extruded insulation consists in the analysis of the problems peculiar to HVDC extruded insulation cable systems, namely:
 - the profiles of electric field and temperature in the insulation under varying load conditions and laying environment temperature;
 - the accumulation of space charge in the insulation thickness;
 - the manufacturing techniques;
 - the estimate of cable life in service;
 - the main realizations of HVDC cables with extruded insulation in the world.

11) The research activity tecnical-economical issues relevant to renewable energy sources consists in the analysis of some technical and economic aspects related to the development of renewable energy sources in Italy, namely:
- electrical energy storage systems to support renewable energy sources;
- the availability of "stand-alone" generation systems of renewable type;
- the technical and economic assessment of photovoltaic plants in Italy in relation to the different versions of the "Conto Energia" (Energy Account).