Foto del docente

Giovanni Brizzi

Emeritus Professor

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna


Keywords: Mediterranean Sea imperial history Hannibal's war Rome Carthago militaria Social War Spartacus Slaves Italici 70 a.D. Titus/Jérusalem

He has devoted him to study several matters about which he wrote several books: the expansion from Tyrrhenian zone to middle and high Adriatic and the age of overseas conquests. In particular he has treated the second war between Rome and Carthago and the character of Hannibal. About the imperial history he has devoted him to study imperial structure's evolution until the period of Soldatenkaiser. He has also treated in particular ancient military history: strategy, armaments, hierarchies, informative systems, archetypes, evolution and functioning of military structures (one of his volumes was translated into different languages). He cooperates for the republican period to the encyclopedia of the Roman army (ed. Blackwell)

The subjects of research mentioned before in the sector of C.V. are  extended by Professor Brizzi during several foreign sojourns: guest of Foundation Hardt at Vandoeuvres-Genève, invited in Tunisia by Institut National d'Archéologie et d'Art to take part in series of lessons; invited by several Universities and Cultural Institutions to take part in series of seminars and conferences. He is fellow of foreign institutions and he takes part in several scientific committees of different revues.