Foto del docente

Gianni Marchesi

Associate Professor

Department of History and Cultures

Academic discipline: L-OR/03 Assyriology

Curriculum vitae

Gianni Marchesi is Associate Professor of Assyriology at the University of Bologna, Department of History and Cultures. He studied at the University of Bologna, "L'Orientale" of Naples, and at Harvard. Since 1999 he has conducted research on various aspects of the history and culture of ancient Mesopotamian civilization (Sumerian lexicography, Sumerian and Akkadian onomastics, analysis and interpretation of literary and historiographic sources, history of political and religious institutions). He has published two books and many scholarly articles (see list of publications). At present he is studying the Old Sumerian literary texts and the origins of literary activity in ancient Mesopotamia. He serves as epigrapher for the joint Turco-Italian Archaeological Expedition at Karkemish, in south-eastern Turkey, and for the QADIS project of the University of Bologna in Iraq, in the Qadisiyyah region. In addition, he collaborates with the Moesgaard Museum of Hoejbjerg (Denmark) to publish the epigraphic material in cuneiform writing from Bahrain (ancient Dilmun).