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Gianluca Vignaroli

Associate Professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: GEO/03 Structural Geology

Director of First Cycle Degree in Geological Sciences


Curzi, Manuel; Zuccari, Costantino; Vignaroli, Gianluca; Degl’Innocenti, Sara; Viola, Giulio, Alpine transpression in the Passo Rolle area (Dolomites, Italy): new structural and paleostress constraints, «ITALIAN JOURNAL OF GEOSCIENCES», 2023, 142, pp. 1 - 17 [Scientific article]

Stendardi, F; Viola, G; Vignaroli, G, Multiscale structural analysis of an Epiligurian wedge-top basin: insights into the syn- to post-orogenic evolution of the Northern Apennines accretionary wedge (Italy), «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF EARTH SCIENCES», 2023, N/A, pp. N/A - N/A [Scientific article]

Livani M.; Scrocca D.; Gaudiosi I.; Mancini M.; Cavinato G.P.; de Franco R.; Caielli G.; Vignaroli G.; Romi A.; Moscatelli M., A geology-based 3D velocity model of the Amatrice Basin (Central Italy), «ENGINEERING GEOLOGY», 2022, 306, pp. 1 - 31 [Scientific article]Open Access

Vignaroli G.; Rossetti F.; Petracchini L.; Argante V.; Bernasconi S.M.; Brilli M.; Giustini F.; Yu T.-L.; Shen C.-C.; Soligo M., Middle Pleistocene fluid infiltration with 10–15 ka recurrence within the seismic cycle of the active Monte Morrone Fault System (central Apennines, Italy), «TECTONOPHYSICS», 2022, 827, Article number: 229269 , pp. 1 - 18 [Scientific article]

Vignaroli G.; Di Giulio G.; Esposito C.; Moscatelli M.; Pagliaroli A., The geosciences perspective on seismic response assessment and application to risk mitigation - Guest Editorial, «ITALIAN JOURNAL OF GEOSCIENCES», 2022, 141, pp. 162 - 166 [Scientific article]

Zuccari C.; Viola G.; Curzi M.; Aldega L.; Vignaroli G., What steers the “folding to faulting” transition in carbonate-dominated seismic fold-and-thrust belts? New insights from the Eastern Southern Alps (Northern Italy), «JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY», 2022, 157, Article number: 104560 , pp. 1 - 20 [Scientific article]

Gaudiosi, Iolanda; Simionato, Maurizio; Mancini, Marco; Cavinato, Gian Paolo; Coltella, Monia; Razzano, Roberto; Sirianni, Pietro; Vignaroli, Gianluca; Moscatelli, Massimiliano, Evaluation of site effects at Amatrice (central Italy) after the August 24th, 2016, Mw 6.0 earthquake, «SOIL DYNAMICS AND EARTHQUAKE ENGINEERING», 2021, 144, Article number: 106699 , pp. 1 - 14 [Scientific article]

Zuccari, Costantino; Gianluca, Vignaroli; Giulio, Viola, Geology of the San Donato - Costa Thrust Zone, Belluno Thrust System, eastern Southern Alps, northern Italy, «JOURNAL OF MAPS», 2021, 17, pp. 337 - 347 [Scientific article]Open Access

Moscatelli M.; Vignaroli G.; Pagliaroli A.; Razzano R.; Avalle A.; Gaudiosi I.; Giallini S.; Mancini M.; Simionato M.; Sirianni P.; Sottili G.; Bellanova J.; Calamita G.; Perrone A.; Piscitelli S.; Lanzo G., Physical stratigraphy and geotechnical properties controlling the local seismic response in explosive volcanic settings: the Stracciacappa maar (central Italy), «BULLETIN OF ENGINEERING GEOLOGY AND THE ENVIRONMENT», 2021, 80, pp. 179 - 199 [Scientific article]Open Access

Tavani, Stefano; Granado, Pablo; Corradetti, Amerigo; Camanni, Giovanni; Vignaroli, Gianluca; Manatschal, Gianreto; Mazzoli, Stefano; Muñoz, Josep A.; Parente, Mariano, Rift inheritance controls the switch from thin- to thick-skinned thrusting and basal décollement re-localization at the subduction-to-collision transition, «GEOLOGICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA BULLETIN», 2021, 133, pp. 2157 - 2170 [Scientific article]

Tavani S.; Cardello G.L.; Vignaroli G.; Balsamo F.; Parente M.; Sabbatino M.; Raffi I.; Billi A.; Carminati E., Segmentation of the apenninic margin of the tyrrhenian back-arc basin forced by the subduction of an inherited transform system, «TECTONICS», 2021, 40, Article number: e2021TC006770 , pp. 1 - 24 [Scientific article]Open Access

Manuel Curzi; Andrea Billi; Eugenio Carminati; Federico Rossetti; Richard Albert; Luca Aldega; Giovanni Luca Cardello; Alessia Conti; Axel Gerdes; Luca Smeraglia; Roelant Van der Lelij; Gianluca Vignaroli; Giulio Viola, Disproving the presence of Paleozoic‐Triassic metamorphic rocks on the Island of Zannone (central Italy): Implications for the early stages of the Tyrrhenian‐Apennines tectonic evolution, «TECTONICS», 2020, 39, Article number: e2020TC006296 , pp. 1 - 25 [Scientific article]

Giallini S.; Pizzi A.; Pagliaroli A.; Moscatelli M.; Vignaroli G.; Sirianni P.; Mancini M.; Laurenzano G., Evaluation of complex site effects through experimental methods and numerical modelling: The case history of Arquata del Tronto, central Italy, «ENGINEERING GEOLOGY», 2020, 272, Article number: 105646 , pp. 1 - 22 [Scientific article]Open Access

Vignaroli, G.; Viola, G.; Diamanti, R.; Zuccari, C.; Garofalo, P.S.; Bonini, S.; Selli, L., Multistage strain localisation and fluid-assisted cataclasis in carbonate rocks during the seismic cycle: Insights from the Belluno Thrust (eastern Southern Alps, Italy), «JOURNAL OF STRUCTURAL GEOLOGY», 2020, 141, pp. 104216 - 104235 [Scientific article]

Mancini M.; Vignaroli G.; Bucci F.; Cardinali M.; Cavinato G.P.; Di salvo C.; Giallini S.; Moscatelli M.; Polpetta F.; Putignano M.L.; Santangelo M.; Sirianni P., New stratigraphic constraints for the Quaternary source-to-sink history of the Amatrice Basin (central Apennines, Italy), «GEOLOGICAL JOURNAL», 2020, 55, pp. 4226 - 4251 [Scientific article]

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