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Gianluca Palli

Full Professor

Department of Electrical, Electronic, and Information Engineering "Guglielmo Marconi"

Academic discipline: ING-INF/04 Systems and Control Engineering

Director of First Cycle Degree in Mechatronics


Keywords: Robotic Hands Optoelectronic Sensors Tendon-based Transmission Underwater Robotics Variable Stiffness Actuators Compliant Structures

My research activity is focused on robotics, in particular on the design and control of complex mechatronic devices like anthropomorphic robot hands. Other research interests are mainly in the areas of tendon transmission control in presence of static and dynamic friction, and position/force control of kinematic chains with flexible links and elastic joints.

As for tendon transmission control, I am studying control strategies for static and dynamic friction compensation. The main target of this control problem is to improve the performance of tendon driving system used in robotic hands. Particular attention is given to the modelling of the tendon-sheath transmission characteristic with the aim of developing a suitable controller for the compensation of the friction effects between tendon and sheath, both in static and dynamic conditions. The problem is strongly nonlinear and is very hard to obtain a reliable model of static friction.

My research activity includes also real-time operating systems, in particular RTAI-Linux, and the development of real-time control algorithms. I have developed, with the fundamental help of some under-graduated students, the real time software architecture for the control of several robotic manipulator, the COMEDI driver for the Sensoray 626 DAQ board, and XRTAI-LIB, an xrtailab interface library.

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