Foto del docente

Giangiacomo Minak

Associate Professor

Department of Industrial Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/14 Mechanical Design and Machine Construction


Minak, Giangiacomo; Fragassa, Cristiano; Vannucchi de Camargo, Felipe, A Brief Review on Determinant Aspects in Energy Efficient Solar Car Design and Manufacturing, in: KES - Sustainable Design and Manufacturing, Cham, Springer International Publishing AG, 2017, pp. 1 - 11 (SMART INNOVATION, SYSTEMS AND TECHNOLOGIES) [Chapter or essay]

Zarei, Hamed; Sadighi, Mojtaba; Minak, Giangiacomo, Ballistic analysis of fiber metal laminates impacted by flat and conical impactors, «COMPOSITE STRUCTURES», 2017, 161, pp. 65 - 72 [Scientific article]

Pavlovic, A.; Fragassa, C.; Minak, G., Buckling analysis of telescopic boom: Theoretical and numerical verification of sliding pads, «TEHNICKI VJESNIK - STROJARSKI FAKULTET», 2017, 24, pp. 729 - 735 [Scientific article]

Mohammadi, Reza; Najafabadi, Mehdi Ahmadi; Saeedifar, Milad; Yousefi, Jalal; Minak, Giangiacomo, Correlation of acoustic emission with finite element predicted damages in open-hole tensile laminated composites, «COMPOSITES. PART B, ENGINEERING», 2017, 108, pp. 427 - 435 [Scientific article]

Mahdian, Ali; Yousefi, Jalal; Nazmdar, Mehrdad; Zarif Karimi, Navid; Ahmadi, Mehdi; Minak, Giangiacomo, Damage evaluation of laminated composites under low-velocity impact tests using acoustic emission method, «JOURNAL OF COMPOSITE MATERIALS», 2017, 51, pp. 479 - 490 [Scientific article]

Saeedifar, Milad; Ahmadi Najafabadi, Mehdi; Yousefi, Jalal; Mohammadi, Reza; Hosseini Toudeshky, Hossein; Minak, Giangiacomo, Delamination analysis in composite laminates by means of Acoustic Emission and bi-linear/tri-linear Cohesive Zone Modeling, «COMPOSITE STRUCTURES», 2017, 161, pp. 505 - 512 [Scientific article]

Nikbakht, M.; Yousefi, J.; Hosseini-Toudeshky, H.; Minak, G., Delamination evaluation of composite laminates with different interface fiber orientations using acoustic emission features and micro visualization, «COMPOSITES. PART B, ENGINEERING», 2017, 113, pp. 185 - 196 [Scientific article]

Minak, G; Fragassa, C; Pavlovic, A, Determination of stress distribution in women’s shoes during high-heeled gait, «FME TRANSACTIONS», 2017, 45, pp. 1 - 7 [Scientific article]

Fotouhi, M; Saghafi, H; Brugo, T; Minak, G; Fragassa, C; Zucchelli, A; Ahmadi, M, Effect of PVDF nanofibers on the fracture behavior of composite laminates for high-speed woodworking machines, «PROCEEDINGS OF THE INSTITUTION OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERS. PART C, JOURNAL OF MECHANICAL ENGINEERING SCIENCE», 2017, 231, pp. 31 - 43 [Scientific article]

Zarif Karimi, N.; Heidary, H.; Fotouhi, M.; Minak, G., Experimental analysis of GFRP laminates subjected to compression after drilling, «COMPOSITE STRUCTURES», 2017, 169, pp. 144 - 152 [Scientific article]

Pavlovic, A.; Minak, G.; Lucisano, G.; Sorcinelli, F., Harmonic analysis and dynamical response optimization in ceramic tile finishing, «JOURNAL OF THE SERBIAN SOCIETY FOR COMPUTATIONAL MECHANICS», 2017, 11, pp. 27 - 39 [Scientific article]

Zarei, Hamed; Brugo, Tommaso; Belcari, Juri; Bisadi, Hosein; Minak, Giangiacomo; Zucchelli, Andrea, Low velocity impact damage assessment of GLARE fiber-metal laminates interleaved by Nylon 6,6 nanofiber mats, «COMPOSITE STRUCTURES», 2017, 167, pp. 123 - 131 [Scientific article]

Mazzocchetti, Laura; Benelli, Tiziana; D’Angelo, Emanuele; Ligi, Simone; Minak, Giangiacomo; Poodts, Ezequiel; Tarterini, Fabrizio; Palermo, Vincenzo; Giorgini, Loris, Managing heat phenomena in epoxy composites production via graphenic derivatives: synthesis, properties and industrial production simulation of graphene and graphene oxide containing composites, «2D MATERIALS», 2017, 4, pp. 1 - 14 [Scientific article]

Fragassa, Cristiano; Minak, Giangiacomo, Measuring deformations in a rigid-hulled inflatable boat, in: Fragassa, Cristiano, Key Engineering Materials, Trans Tech Publications Ltd, «KEY ENGINEERING MATERIALS», 2017, 754, pp. 295 - 298 (atti di: 16th International Conference on Fracture and Damage Mechanics, 2017, ita, 2017) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Zarei, Hamed; Fallah, Mohadeseh; Bisadi, Hosein; Daneshmehr, Alireza; Minak, Giangiacomo, Multiple impact response of temperature-dependent carbon nanotube-reinforced composite (CNTRC) plates with general boundary conditions, «COMPOSITES. PART B, ENGINEERING», 2017, 113, pp. 206 - 217 [Scientific article]

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