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Giangiacomo Minak

Associate Professor

Department of Industrial Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/14 Mechanical Design and Machine Construction


L. Donati; L. Tomesani; G. Minak, Characterization of seam weld quality in AA6082 extruded profiles, «JOURNAL OF MATERIALS PROCESSING TECHNOLOGY», 2007, 191, pp. 127 - 131 [Scientific article]

G.Minak, Comparison of Different Methods for Fatigue Limit Evaluation by Means of the Monte Carlo Method, «JOURNAL OF TESTING AND EVALUATION», 2007, 35, pp. 1 - 8 [Scientific article]

MINAK G. ; CHIMISSO F. E. G.; COSTA MATTOS H. S., Cyclic Plasticity and Damage of Metals by a Gradient-Enhanced CDM Model, in: Solid Mechanics in Brazil 2007, SAO PAULO, Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engin, 2007, pp. 401 - 420 (ABCM Symposium Series in Solid Mechanics) [Chapter or essay]

F. Cesari; V. Dal Re; G. Minak; A. Zucchelli, Damage and residual strength of laminated carbon–epoxy composite circular plates loaded at the centre, «COMPOSITES. PART A: APPLIED SCIENCE AND MANUFACTURING», 2007, 38, pp. 1163 - 1173 [Scientific article]

L. CESCHINI; I. BOROMEI; G. MINAK; A. MORRI; F. TARTERINI, Effect of friction stir welding on microstructure, tensile and fatigue properties of the AA7005/10 vol.%Al2O3p composite, «COMPOSITES SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY», 2007, 67, pp. 605 - 615 [Scientific article]

D. Ghelli; G. Minak, Influence of size and boundary conditions on low velocity impact response of CFRP laminated plates:experiments and numerical simulations, in: Multi-pahse and multi-component materials under dynamic loading, WARSAW, Institute of Fundamental Technological Research, 2007, pp. 107 - 119 (atti di: 10th European Mechanics of Materials Conference, Kazimierz Dolny, Poland, 11-14 giugno 2007) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

L. CESCHINI; I. BOROMEI; G. MINAK; A. MORRI; F. TARTERINI, Microstructure, tensile and fatigue properties of AA6061/20vol.%Al2O3p Friction Stir Welded joints, «COMPOSITES. PART A: APPLIED SCIENCE AND MANUFACTURING», 2007, 38, pp. 1200 - 1210 [Scientific article]

D. Ghelli; G. Minak, ANALISI DINAMICA DI LAMINATI IN MATERIALE COMPOSITO SOGGETTI AD IMPATTO A BASSA VELOCITÀ, in: Atti XXXV AIAS, s.l, s.n, 2006(atti di: XXXV Convegno dell'Associazione Italiana per l'Analisi delle Sollecitazioni, Ancona, 13.09.06-16.09.06) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

D.Ghelli; G.Minak, Calcolo numerico degli effetti di un impatto su laminati in materiale composito, in: Atti del XVI CONVEGNO ITALIANO DI MECCANICA COMPUTAZIONALE, s.l, s.n, 2006(atti di: GIMC2006, Bologna, 26.06.06-28.06.06) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

I. BOROMEI; L. CESCHINI; G. MINAK; A. MORRI; F. TARTERINI, “Confronto delle caratteristiche microstrutturali e meccaniche di giunti FSW e TIG su compositi a matrice in lega di alluminio”, in: Convegno del 60° AIM - Atti del 31° Convegno Nazionale AIM, MILANO, AIM, 2006, pp. 1 - 9 (atti di: 31° Convegno Nazionale AIM, Milano, 22-24 Novembre 2006) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

G. Minak; D. Ghelli, DESIGN OF A DROP-WEIGHT MACHINE FOR COMPOSITE MATERIALS IMPACT TESTING, in: Proceedings of the 5th ICCSM, s.l, s.n, 2006(atti di: 5th International Congress of the Croatian Society for Mechanics, Trogir (HR), 20.09.06-23.09.06) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

L. Ceschini; G. Minak; A. morri, Tensile and fatigue properties of the AA6061/20 vol% Al2O3p and AA7005/10 vol% Al2O3p composites, «COMPOSITES SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY», 2006, 66, pp. 333 - 342 [Scientific article]

G. Minak; F. E. G. Chimisso; H. S. Costa Mattos, Cyclic plasticity and damage of a metal matrix composite by a gradient-enhanced CDM model, «STRUCTURAL INTEGRITY & DURABILITY», 2005, 1, pp. 193 - 202 [Scientific article]

G. Minak, EFFECT OF THERMO-CHEMICAL TREATMENTS ON FATIGUE LIFE OF 20MnCrS5 STEEL, in: CARMINE PAPPALETTERE, Advances in Experimental Mechanics, BARI, Carmine Pappalettere, 2004, 1 [Contribution to conference proceedings]

MINAK G., Evaluation of the performances of free diving fins, «SPORTS ENGINEERING», 2004, 7, pp. 153 - 158 [Scientific article]

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