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Gianandrea Pasquinelli

Full Professor

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/46 Biotechnology and Methods In Laboratory Medicine

Head of Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences


Rubbi I.; Pasquinelli G.; Cremonini V.; Fortunato F.; Gatti L.; Lepanto F.; Artioli G.; Bonacaro A., Does student orientation improve nursing image and positively influence the enrolment of nursing students in the university? An observational study, «ACTA BIO-MEDICA DE L'ATENEO PARMENSE», 2019, 90, pp. 68 - 77 [Scientific article]

Ciavarella Carmen, Faggioli Gianluca, Pasquinelli Gianandrea, Endothelial mesenchymal transition as a driver of vascular graft calcification, in: Biomaterials and Digital Technologies for Future Individualized Patient Management in Vascular Surgery, Strasbourg, Geprovas, 2019, pp. 337 - 344 [Chapter or essay]

Ciavarella Carmen, Vasuri Francesco, Faggioli Gianluca, Gargiulo Mauro, Pasquinelli Gianandrea, Endothelial-mesenchymal transition represents a key process during atherosclerotic plaque calcification, in: European Society For Microcirculation (ESM)- European Vascular Biology Organization (EVBO), 2019(atti di: 3rd ESM-EVBO Conference, Maastricht, The Netherlands, April, 15-18, 2019) [Poster]

Comai G.; Malvi D.; Angeletti A.; Vasuri F.; Valente S.; Ambrosi F.; Capelli I.; Ravaioli M.; Pasquinelli G.; D'Errico A.; Fornoni A.; La Manna G., Histological Evidence of Diabetic Kidney Disease Precede Clinical Diagnosis, «AMERICAN JOURNAL OF NEPHROLOGY», 2019, 50, pp. 29 - 36 [Scientific article]

Aiti A.; Rossi M.; Alviano F.; Morara B.; Burgio L.; Cioccoloni E.; Cavicchi O.; Pasquinelli G.; Bonsi L.; Buzzi M., Parathyroid tissue cryopreservation: Does the storage time affect viability and functionality?, «BIOPRESERVATION AND BIOBANKING», 2019, 17, pp. 418 - 424 [Scientific article]

Ciavarella C; Pasquinelli G, The Dual Nature of Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSCs): Yin and Yang of the Inflammatory Process, in: Mesenchymal Stem Cells, Dammam, Khalid Ahmed Al-Anazi, 2019, pp. 1 - 13 [Chapter or essay]

Ciavarella C, Sonetto A, Abhualin M, Gallitto E, Faggioli GL, Gargiulo M, Pasquinelli G, Vascular MSCs govern the atherosclerotic plaque calcification under inflammatory conditions, in: European Symposium on Vascular Biomaterials, 2019(atti di: European Symposium on Vascular Biomaterials, Strasbourg, France, October 1-19, 2019) [Poster]

Muscarella, Lucia Anna; Bisceglia, Michele*; Galliani, Carlos A.; Zidar, Nina; Ben-Dor, David Jonathan; Pasquinelli, Gianandrea; la Torre, Annamaria; Sparaneo, Angelo; Fanburg-Smith, Julie C.; Lamovec, Janez; Michal, Michal; Bacchi, Carlos E., Extraneuraxial hemangioblastoma: A clinicopathologic study of 10 cases with molecular analysis of the VHL gene, «PATHOLOGY RESEARCH AND PRACTICE», 2018, 214, pp. 1156 - 1165 [Scientific article]

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Zazzeroni, L; Faggioli, G; Pasquinelli, G., Mechanisms of Arterial Calcification: The Role of Matrix Vesicles, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF VASCULAR AND ENDOVASCULAR SURGERY», 2018, pii: S1078-5884(17)30734-7, pp. 1 - 8 [Scientific article]

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Donati, M; Cenacchi, G; Biondi, R; Papa, V; Borel, N; Nepita, Ev; Magnino, S; Pasquinelli, G; Levi, A; Franco, Ol, Activity of synthetic peptides against Chlamydia., «PEPTIDE SCIENCES», 2017, 108, Article number: e23032 , pp. 1 - 21 [Scientific article]

Ciavarella, C; Gallitto, E; Buzzi, M; Ricci, F; Stella, A; Pasquinelli, G, AORTIC MSCS MEDIATE THE ATHEROSCLEROTIC DISEASE DEVELOPMENT THROUGH INCREASED EXPRESSION OF MMP-9 AND ENHANCED OSTEOGENIC DIFFERENTIATION, in: ATHEROSCLEROSIS, 2017, 263, pp. 1 - 1 (atti di: 85th Congress of the European-Atherosclerosis-Society (EAS), Prague, CZECH REPUBLIC, APR 23-26, 2017) [Poster]

Pasquinelli G; Zazzeroni L, Calcification mechanisms in native atherosclerotic arteries, in: When imaging meets biomaterials and living tissue properties in vascular surgery, Strasbourg, Geoprovas, 2017, pp. 183 - 193 [Chapter or essay]

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