Foto del docente

Gianandrea Pasquinelli

Full Professor

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/46 Biotechnology and Methods In Laboratory Medicine

Head of Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences


Pasquinelli G.; Montanaro L.; Martinelli G.N., Desmoplastic small round-cell tumor: A case report on the large cell variant with immunohistochemical, ultrastructural, and molecular genetic analysis, «ULTRASTRUCTURAL PATHOLOGY», 2000, 24, pp. 333 - 337 [Scientific article]

Foschini M.P.; Macchia S.; Losi L.; Dei Tos A.P.; Pasquinelli G.; Di Tommaso L.; Del Duca S.; Roncaroli F.; Dal Monte P., Identification of mitochondria in liver biopsies. A study by immunohistochemistry, immunogold and Western blot analysis, «VIRCHOWS ARCHIV», 1998, 433, pp. 267 - 273 [Scientific article]

Cenacchi G.; Pasquinelli G.; Montanaro L.; Cerasoli S.; Vici M.; Bisceglia M.; Giangaspero F.; Martinelli G.N.; Derenzini M., Primary endocervical extraosseous Ewing's sarcoma/PNET, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF GYNECOLOGICAL PATHOLOGY», 1998, 17, pp. 83 - 88 [Scientific article]

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