Foto del docente

Giampaolo Zuccheri

Assistant professor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Academic discipline: CHIM/06 Organic Chemistry

Curriculum vitae

Giampaolo Zuccheri, PhD
Staff researcher and Adjunct Professor
Nanobioscience Lab

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnologies, Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research on Life and Health Sciences 
University of Bologna, Italy.

E-mail: giampaolo(dot)zuccheri(at)unibo(dot)it

Regular Mailing address: Via Irnerio, 48 - Bologna 40126 Italy

Lab and Courier Address: Via S. Giacomo, 11 - Bologna 40126 Italy (how to reach us)

Phone +39-051-20-94388;

Role and Affililation: Since 2002, I am a permanent Staff Researcher and Adjunct Professor at the University of Bologna, first with the Faculty of Pharmacy and the Department of Biochemistry and currently with the Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology. I teach Nanobiotechnology for the degree courses in Molecular Biotechnology and Macromolcular Chemistry for the degree course in Applied Pharmacological Sciences. I am also part of the Nano Institute of the Italian CNR (with the Center at the CNR-University of Modena: Center for Nanostructures and Biosystems at Surfaces) and of the Italian Interuniversity Consortium on Materials Science and Technology.

Previously, I had been a Post Doc studies at the Department of Biochemistry of the University of Bologna with Prof. Bruno Samorì. In 1994-1996 I've been a Research Assistant at the Institute of Molecular Biology of the University of Oregon (U.S.A.) under the supervision of Prof. Carlos Bustamante. I did my Ph.D. in Chemistry at the University of Calabria in Cosenza (Italy) (Thesis dissertation on May 25th, 1998). In 1991-1992, I have been a Research Assistant at the Lawrence Berkeley Laboratory and the University of California at Berkeley under the supervision of Dr. Marcos F. Maestre. I took my undergraduate courses and diploma in Industrial Chemistry Faculty at the University of Bologna (Degree with 110/110 cum laude on March, 11th 1994).

My research interests focus on the chemistry and biophysics of nucleic acids and proteins and on their nanobiotechnological applications.

Awards : In 1994, I was one of the recipients of the annual prize of the Italian Federation of the Chemical Industry (Federchimica) and in 1998 I was awarded the ‘Borsellino prize' of the Italian Society for Pure and Applied Biophysics (SIBPA). I am currently an associated member of the Nanoscience Institute of the Italian CNR (National Research Council), of the Italian Chemical Society (SCI), of the Italian Interuniversity Consortium of Materials Science and Technology (INSTM).

In 2010 I have been a visiting professor at the Ecole Politechnique Federale de Lausanne, Switzerland (EPFL).

Research projects : As a Principal Investigator, I participated in the research of a PRISMA2004 project (Innovative projects on materials science of the Italian Interuniversity Consortium of Materials Science and Technology) on nanostructured material. I also participate and coordinate part of the research of funded European (“NucAN” FP6 NMP-STREP, “DINAMICS” FP6-IP, “BIONICS” Eurocore-SONS) and National research projects (FIRB “COMBATCANCER”).

I am mainly involved in the following topics:

• ultrastructural characterization of nucleic acids and their interactions with other macromolecules and interfaces. The quantitative evaluation of atomic force microscopy (AFM) images and AFM-based force-spectroscopy signals allows the quantitative determination of such parameters as nucleic acids secondary structure, intrinsic curvature and flexibility, contour length, force and energy of interaction with solid interfaces.

• Nanobiotechnological applications of nucleic acids : DNA-based nano-objects and nano-devices are designed, prepared by self-assembly and characterized in the lab. Techniques such as optical microscopy, AFM, AFM-based single-molecule force spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy have been used in such characterizations.

• DNA biosensors . In collaboration with researchers at the Department of Electronics of the University of Bologna, we are testing possible novel methods to integrate electronic read-out strategies with nanotechnology towards novel generations of nucleic acids biosensors amenable of miniaturization.

• biophysical studies on the structure or proteins with single-molecule techniques, such as single-molecule force spectroscopy, including the development of innovative instrumentation and analysis protocols.

Publications List

Papers on peer-reviewed journals (* on papers where serving as the corresponding author)

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