Foto del docente

Giampaolo Ricci

Alma Mater Professor

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

Adjunct professor

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

Curriculum vitae


Born on 24 of april 1952.

Graduate in Medicine and Surgery by the University of Bologna on 16/7/77 talking about : "Infant and perinatally death" ,with 110/110 with praise.

Specialized in Hygiene and preventive Medicine on 11/7/1980 with 70/70 and praise

Specialized in Pediatrics on 11/7/1984 with 70/70 and praise.

From 1978 has activity as Internal University Physician by Clinical Pediatric until 1984 when he became University Fellow Senior.

Teaching Activity

He has been teacher in the Faculty of Medicine and Surgery as Pediatric Allergologist or Immunologist in the following area:

from 1996 up to day Specialization School of Dermatology, Specialization School of Pediatrics; Specialization School of Reumathology;

from 1990 up to day he ha s been teacher as Pediatrics in Dental Hygiene Graduate Course;

from 2004 up to day ha has been teacher Pediatric Allergology in Medicine Graduate Course.

Since 2006 he is Aggregate Professor at the Faculty of Medicine –University of Bologna.

Assistent activity

From 1984 upto day he has activity preferentially in Allergology Pediatric clinical practice in the pediatric Department of the University of Bologna and from 2002 he his the responsible of such activity.

Research activity

The main research activity are directed on the study on atopic dermatitis ( pathogenesis, clinical findings, natural history, quality of life,), primary immunodeficiency ( IgA deficiency, hypogammaglobulinemia) , latex allergy, respiratory allergy as demonstrated by the references under reported. .

He take part of the team directed by prof. Massimo Masi that participate with ad hoc grants , to regional , national and international projects ( ETAC study, EPAAC study).

He is Member of Italian Society of Pediatrics, Italian Society of Pediatric Allergology and Immunology, European Academy of Allergology and Immunology

Now he takes part to GA2LEN NETWORK as collaborating centre as team leader.