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Giacomo Bergamini

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Dipartimento di Chimica "Giacomo Ciamician"

Settore scientifico disciplinare: CHIM/03 CHIMICA GENERALE E INORGANICA


Calogero, Francesco; Magagnano, Giandomenico; Potenti, Simone; Pasca, Francesco; Fermi, Andrea; Gualandi, Andrea; Ceroni, Paola; Bergamini, Giacomo; Cozzi, Pier Giorgio, Diastereoselective and enantioselective photoredox pinacol coupling promoted by titanium complexes with a red-absorbing organic dye, «CHEMICAL SCIENCE», 2022, 13, pp. 5973 - 5981 [articolo]

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Mazzaro R.; Boscolo Bibi S.; Natali M.; Bergamini G.; Morandi V.; Ceroni P.; Vomiero A., Hematite nanostructures: An old material for a new story. Simultaneous photoelectrochemical oxidation of benzylamine and hydrogen production through Ti doping, «NANO ENERGY», 2019, 61, pp. 36 - 46 [articolo]

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