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Giacomo Bergamini

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Dipartimento di Chimica "Giacomo Ciamician"

Settore scientifico disciplinare: CHIM/03 CHIMICA GENERALE E INORGANICA


Zhikun Zheng;Lothar Opilik;Florian Schiffmann;Wei Liu;Giacomo Bergamini;Paola Ceroni;Lay-Theng Lee;Andri Schütz;Junji Sakamoto;Renato Zenobi;Joost VandeVondele;A. Dieter Schlüter, Synthesis of Two-Dimensional Analogues of Copolymers by Site-to-Site Transmetalation of Organometallic Monolayer Sheets, «JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY», 2014, 136, pp. 6103 - 6110 [articolo]

Andrea Fermi; Giacomo Bergamini; Myriam Roy; Marc Gingras; Paola Ceroni, Turn-on Phosphorescence by Metal Coordination to a Multivalent Terpyridine Ligand: A New Paradigm for Luminescent Sensors, «JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY», 2014, 136, pp. 6395 - 6400 [articolo]

G. Bergamini; A. Fermi; C. Botta; U. Giovanella; S. Di Motta; F. Negri; R. Peresutti; M. Gingras; P. Ceroni, A persulfurated benzene molecule exhibits outstanding phosphorescence in rigid environments: from computational study to organic nanocrystals and OLED applications, «JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY. C», 2013, 1, pp. 2717 - 2724 [articolo]

Kalman Toth;Jennifer K. Molloy;Micaela Matta;Benoît Heinrich;Daniel Guillon;Giacomo Bergamini;Francesco Zerbetto;Bertrand Donnio;Paola Ceroni;Delphine Felder-Flesch, A Strongly Emitting Liquid-Crystalline Derivative of Y3N@C80: Bright and Long-Lived Near-IR Luminescence from a Charge Transfer State, «ANGEWANDTE CHEMIE. INTERNATIONAL EDITION», 2013, 52, pp. 12303 - 12307 [articolo]

Z. S. Pillai; P. Ceroni; M. Kubeil; J.-M. Heldt; H. Stephan; G. Bergamini, Dendrimers as Nd3+ ligands: Effect of Generation on the Efficiency of the Sensitized Lanthanide Emission, «CHEMISTRY - AN ASIAN JOURNAL», 2013, 8, pp. 771 - 777 [articolo]

Jennifer K. Molloy;Paola Ceroni;Margherita Venturi;Thomas Bauer;Junji Sakamoto;Giacomo Bergamini, Self-assembly of nanocrystalline tetra-terpyridine complexes: from molecules to mesoscopic objects, «SOFT MATTER», 2013, 9, pp. 10754 - 10758 [articolo]

C. Hemmert; R. Poteau; F. J.-B. dit Dominique; P. Ceroni; G. Bergamini; H. Gornitzka, Amide Functionalized Bis(NHC) Systems - Anion Effect on Gold-Gold Interactions, «EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF INORGANIC CHEMISTRY», 2012, -, pp. 3892 - 3898 [articolo]

V. Balzani; G. Bergamini; L. Setti, Come uscire dalla crisi energetica e climatica – Parte 1. Perché il nucleare non è la soluzione, «LA CHIMICA E L'INDUSTRIA», 2012, 2, pp. 80 - 88 [articolo]

V. Balzani; G. Bergamini; L. Setti, Come uscire dalla crisi energetica e climatica – Parte 2. Risparmio, efficienza, ed energie rinnovabili, «LA CHIMICA E L'INDUSTRIA», 2012, 3, pp. 84 - 92 [articolo]

G. Bergamini; J. K. Molloy; A. Fermi; P. Ceroni; F.-G. Klärner; U. Hahn, Diazapyrenium cored dendrimers: electron poor guests for a molecular clip host, «NEW JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY», 2012, 36, pp. 354 - 359 [articolo]

E. Marchi; R. Sinisi; G. Bergamini; M. Tragni; M. Monari; M. Bandini; P. Ceroni, Easy Separation of D and L Isomers of Highly Luminescent [IrIII]- Cyclometalated Complexes Based on Chiral Phenol-Oxazoline Ancillary Ligands, «CHEMISTRY-A EUROPEAN JOURNAL», 2012, 18, pp. 8765 - 8773 [articolo]

G. Bergamini; E. Marchi; P. Ceroni; V. Balzani, Enlightening structure and properties of dendrimers by fluorescence depolarization, in: Designing Dendrimers, HOBOKEN, Wiley, 2012, pp. 341 - 366 [capitolo di libro]

G. Bergamini, Luminescent Dendrimers, in: Molecules at work, WEINHEIM, Wiley-VCH, 2012, pp. 155 - 175 [capitolo di libro]

E. Marchi; M. Baroncini; G. Bergamini; J. Van Heyst; F. Vögtle; P. Ceroni, Photoswitchable metal coordinating tweezers operated by light-harvesting dendrimers, «JOURNAL OF THE AMERICAN CHEMICAL SOCIETY», 2012, 134, pp. 15277 - 15280 [articolo]

B. Branchi; G. Bergamini; L. Fiandro; P. Ceroni; A. Alvino; G. Doddi; F. Vögtle; F.-G. Klärner, A molecular clip throws new light on the complexes formed by a family of cyclam cored dendrimers with Zn(II) ions. Efficient energy transfer in the heteroleptic complexes., «DALTON TRANSACTIONS», 2011, 40, pp. 1356 - 1364 [articolo]

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