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Gabriele Bitelli

Professore ordinario

Dipartimento di Ingegneria Civile, Chimica, Ambientale e dei Materiali

Settore scientifico disciplinare: ICAR/06 TOPOGRAFIA E CARTOGRAFIA


LIA NextRIM seminar, Marne, 28/11/2022

Next Generation Road Infrastructureand Mobility

9.30-10.00: Steering committee meeting

10.00-10.30: Welcome
H. Imine (Eiffel), A. Simone (Unibo)

10.30-11.00 Invited Lecture
The future impact of CAVs on road safety Vittorio Ranieri – Roberta Gentile (Politecnico di Bari)

SESSION 1: Road Vision

11.00-11.15: Alexandra Duminil, Jean-Philippe Tarel & Roland Brémond (Eiffel) Video dehazing with a deep learning approach

11.15-11.30: M. Costa (UNIBO-ONLINE) Perceptual factors in traffic safety 

11.30- 11.45 Gabriele Bitelli (UNIBO) Geomatics Applications

SESSION 2: Behavioral Data Analysis

12.00-12.15: A. Boubezoul (Eiffel) Driving-Pattern Identification and Event Detection Based on an Unsupervised Learning Framework: Case of a Motorcycle-Riding Simulator

12.15-12.30: C. Lantieri (UNIBO) Liveability of the streets: the healthy street approach

12.30-12.45: L. Cameli (UNIBO) New European Bauhaus Approach for urban regeneration

14.00-14.30: - LIA new challenges - Nicolas Hautière, Head of Cosys department 

SESSION 3: Immersive Simulation

14.30-14.45: S. Caro (Eiffel)
Immersive simulators to study pedestrians, cyclists and car drivers behavior

14.45-15.00: J. M. Auberlet (Eiffel) Reciprocal perception in Virtual reality

15.00-15.15: M. Pazzini (UNIBO-ONLINE) Assessment of urban regeneration areas with a
Virtual Realty Approach

15.15-15.30: F. De Crescenzio (UNIBO-ONLINE) Current research and future perspective in
Sustainable Mobility and Air Mobility at the Virtual Reality Lab

SESSION 4: Road traffic Management

16.00-16.30: M.N. Postorino (UNIBO) Road and Air Advanced Transportation Systems

16.30-17.00 Perspectives and Planing 2023 H. Imine (Eiffel), A. Simone (Unibo)

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