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Franco Merni

Adjunct professor

Department for Life Quality Studies

Vicepresidenza della Scuola di Farmacia, Biotecnologie e Scienze motorie - Bologna

Curriculum vitae

1971 Graduated with praise in Physical Education, Superior Institute of Physical Education Bologna
1975 Diploma of Improvement in Biomechanics. Institute of Physical Education Budapest.
1993 Graduated with praise in Medicine and Surgery Bologna University
1973 Qualification by the Italian Republic for teaching physical education in the secondary school
1994 Qualification for the profession of physician and surgeon by the Italian Republic and so has been enrolled in the Italian Sport Medicine Federation
From 2002 after competition he is called as full time professor of II level in the Faculty of Sport end exercise Sciences of Bologna University, in the disciplinary
sector of Theory, Technique and Didactics of the sport disciplines.
Professional Experiences
1979 - 2001 Assistant Professor of Anatomy Applied to the Physical Education. Superior Institute of Physical Education Bologna
1999-2001 Assistant Professor of Theory and Methodology of training and Biomechanics. Superior Institute of Physical Education Bologna
2000-2008 He is teaching "Motor Evaluation in Sport" in the Postgraduate School of Pedagogical Sciences
From 2002 he is teaching Theory and Methodology of training and Sport Motor Evaluation in the first and second level of courses in the Faculty of Sport end exercise
Sciences of Bologna University. From 2008 he is teaching Planning and organization of the training, Sport Evaluation, and Analysis of Performance  in the second level Degree.
Research Activity
From 1972 he has developed research activity in the field of the motor development appraising through motor test subjects in the schools of different sport.
1980-2000 Director of the Biomechanics Laboratory which he found setting the apparatuses and the software for the biomechanical analysis of the sport movements with cinematographic and optoelectronic methods.1984 Winner of study purse for this search activity, by the Italian National Olympic Committee Rome
1982-1990 30 thesis which has followed as chairman in the Biomechanics laboratory of Bologna have been rewarded with prizes as good sport thesis of national level
From 1980 he collaborated for research with the Committee Olympic Italian and different Sport Federations among which:
School of the Sport of the Italian Olympic Committee, national level reliefs with over 10.000 young people subjects (1980-88). Determination of the first Italian
national norms for motor evaluation of young pupils practising or not practising sport between 7 and 16 years old.
Basketball Federation (1993-96). He has developed researches from the minibasket, to the juvenile basket up to the level of national teams.
From 1980 to 2002 he has been coordinator of the Study Centre of the Italian Cycling Federation for the research, the evaluation of the athletes and the planning of the training of the absolute male and female National teams and junior he has developed also researches on the bicycling for young people.

From 1996 he is Vice Chosen President of the Italian Physical Education Federation.

From 2005 to 2009 he was Vice Chosen President of International Association of Sport Kinetics.
He has belonged to the scientific organizer committee of 10 seminars or congresses on Physical Education and Sport to Rome, Palermo, San Marino Republic, Oslo, Beijing, Bliala Podlaska, Algiers, Magdeburg with Sport Federations, Universities and International Sport organizations, and to Bologna and Rimini congresses IASK for the Faculty of Sport end exercise Sciences

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