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Francesco Mazzucchelli

Ricercatore a tempo determinato tipo b) (senior)

Dipartimento di Filosofia e Comunicazione

Settore scientifico disciplinare: M-FIL/05 FILOSOFIA E TEORIA DEI LINGUAGGI


Semiotics of memory, online class in April

14/04/2021 UPDATE

Due to refurbishment works, via Azzo Gardino's premises will not be accessible in the next weeks (the building will certainly be closed from 20th to 22th April, but most likely until the end of the course). So, it will not be possible to adopt the blended teaching mode, that will affect the other classes of the Univeristy from April 19.

This means that, until further notice, the course will continue in the online mode, via Teams, as usual, for the whole month of April (and probably until the end of the course). 

Please check this page for updates.

Pubblicato il: 14 aprile 2021