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Francesco Rosario Ferraro


Department of Physics and Astronomy

Academic discipline: FIS/05 Astronomy and Astrophysics

Coordinator of PhD Programme of Astrophysics


Keywords: stellar evolution dynamics stellar systems structure of the Galaxy

Starting from the middle 90's, he is coordinator of several projects on
stellar astrophysics at the Bologna Astronomical Observatory and University.
His main research subject is the theoretical and observational study of
stellar populations in a cosmological context, in order to derive the
fundamental parameters of the Universe and to study the impact of environment
on stellar evolution.

FRF has published more than 300 papers, among them, more than 200 on referred journals and several invited reviews. The international impact of his scientific production is high, as demonstrated by the 8200 citations in the literature. A number of results have yearly quoted in the PASP Annual Review "Astrophysics in ..." which summarizes the most important discoveries of the year. Moreover, a few outstanding results have led to NASA/STScI/ESA or ESO press-releases (see for example web page;; and quoted in a number of national newspapers and popular astronomy magazines ("Sky and Telescope" "L'astronomia"; Science "Spaceflight now", etc.).
Note that in the last 3 years FRF has published 34  refereed papers in the most prestigiuos international astronomical jornals.
In the last years three discoveries obtained by FRF appeared in the prestigous journal Nature: the discovery of a primordial fragment of the Galactic Bulge (Ferraro et al 2009, Nature, 462, 483), the discovery of two distinct sequences of Blue Straggler Stars in the globular cluster M30 (Ferraro et al 2009, Nature, 462, 1028) and the definition of an empirical clock able to measure the dynamical age of stellar systems (Ferraro et al. 2012, Nature, 492, 393).
FRF is PI of COSMIC-LAB, a project founded by the European Research Council within the FP7 Advanced Grant programme.

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