Foto del docente

Francesca Ventura

Associate Professor

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/02 Agronomy and Field Crops


Keywords: Climate change Agrometeorology Plant phenology Precision agricolture Adaptation and mitigation Evapotranspiration and bare soil evaporation Nitrates budget soil erosion

RESEARCH ACTIVITY is on digital agricolture, in particular precision irrigation. She has been working in agrometeorological modelling of crops growth and irrigation scheduling and climate change, soil-water-atmosphere relations, evaporation from bare soil and soil characteristics and agricultural plant phenology. She also works on climate change at local scale, adaptation and mitigation strategies.

Previously she worked on monitoring and modelling of rainfall, runoff and erosion at different time and space scales and of movement of chemicals in both surface and ground water, at a watershed and plot scale.