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Francesca Cenerini

Full Professor

Department of History and Cultures

Academic discipline: L-ANT/03 Roman History

Coordinator of PhD Programme in History, Cultures and Civilizations


Keywords: Roman institutions Roman epigraphy Roman women Roman social history Roman history

The scientific activity and academic production conducted by Prof. Cenerini revolves around the following themes:

1) Prosopographical research, identification of
Municipal ruling classes. Analysis of the corresponding forms of economic production and social grouping.

2) Cult organization and epigraphic expression of female cults, cults of the freedmen, and servile cults. Social and iconographical aspects. Investigations on religious expression through the epigraphic instrument.

3) Administration history, social history, and economic history in the Roman Age: forms and lines of development of the land control. Techniques and ways of government; social and cultural programmes; education in the ancient world.

4) Investigation into and identification of the epigraphic heritage of the VIII and VI regio: analysis and classification of the officinae lapidariae. Results are edited also in the official publication of the Unione Accademica Nazionale: Supplementa Italica.

5) History of women in the Ancient Age. More specifically: investigation on the female condition in the ancient world, pursued through analysis of the documentary sources (especially those of epigraphic nature). The research tends to highlight the various levels of adaptation of women to the female ideal built in literary sources. An in-depth enquiry into the relationship between the Augustae and society. Special attention is devoted to the supposed influence (or lack of influence) of the Augustae on the women belonging to municipal élites in Italy or in the provinces.

6) Research on the relationship between space and the social life. The research aims to underscore the role played by the place of social representation and its communicational import. Study on the functioning of ancient institutions by means of the epigraphic investigation. The research aims to highlight the municipal impact of some imperial measures.

7) Problems concerning the romanization of the punic centres of Sardinina and Northern Africa. Investigation and analysis of the epigraphic heritage of the Sulcis-Iglesiente (South-western Sardinia) of Roman Age. Such documents allow the study of the transition from the Punic to the Roman age and the policies of cultural integration.

Professor Cenerini is a member of the Postgraduate Committee of Bologna University.
Title: Historical and Archaeological Sciences: Memory, Civilization and Heritage"
Starting in the academlc year 2017/2018 - 33th Cycle