Foto del docente

Franca Franchi

Associate Professor

Department of Mathematics

Academic discipline: MAT/07 Mathematical Physics


Keywords: non classical heat conduction and dual/third phase lag theoriess Non equilibrium Thermodynamics, wave propagation and stability Chemotaxis and tumour growth: Cahn-Hilliard equation Gravitational instability and MHD waves Non isothermal bidispersive flow: structural stability and thermal convection Air pollution models Mathematical models for SIV infections Turing instability

Nonlinear partial differential equations and their applications to several problems of real world and social sciences.

Non local second gradient Green-Naghdi type thermo-elastic and viscoelastic theories, within the virtual powers format.

Thermodynamics of non local continuum mechanics materials: the winning strategy of the virtual powers method VS the extra fluxes arguments within, by way of examples, third/higher gradient infinitesimal elasticity and thermo-elasticity.

  Jeans like instability in novel hyperbolic hydrodinamic models for chemotactic processes in viascoelastic blood flows.

Porous media and air pollution models, within the Cahn-hilliard theory, combined with revised Green-Naghdi heat theories.

Thermal convection problems in Brinkman-Forchheimer porous media: linear and non-linear stability analysis; structural stability.

Continuous dependence on data and uniqueness in direct and inverse problems.

Hyperbolic systems, properties of wave propagation and theorems on global existence.

Non isothermal viscoelastic models of Johnson-Segalman type and their applicability in chemotactic phenomena in blood flows, like the growth of tumors.

Relaxation models for Astrophysical settings, within the gravitational instability problem/stellar formation and magnetic reconnection mechanisms, by applying Cattaneo-Christov type hyperbolic heat theories.

Complex/Dyadic type gradient-flux models of Cahn-Hilliard, in viscoelastic settings, in the presence of Green-Naghdi type thermal effects, for water pollution problems in channels.

Non Fourier rigid heat conduction: a revisited Green-Naghdi theory vs double and triple Tzou phase lag theories.