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Flavio Delbono

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Dipartimento di Scienze Economiche

Settore scientifico disciplinare: SECS-P/01 ECONOMIA POLITICA


Template for the essay to be presented for the exam of "Law and Economics of Regulation"

This is the template to be followed:     Opinion-Paper [name] Title Abstract 1. Introduction [ framework & k-question ] 2. Definitions [ relevant concepts ] 3. Analysis [ legal / economic issues ] 4. Synthesis [ what does the topic show according to the case/subject? ] 5. Conclusion ...

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Esame orale di Industrial Organization

Rules of the oral exam * I will connect you per group, at the scheduled time. * Please keep an ID close to you which I will require to be shown. * No book, notes, phone are allowed; no help from friends; you must be alone in your room, I can ask you to show the room/360degrees at any time. During ...

Pubblicato il: 06 aprile 2020


I have uploaded on IOL all the slides that I used during the online classes of Industrial Organization (Clef)

Pubblicato il: 20 marzo 2020

Partail exam: canceled

The partial exam of Industrial Organization (for Clef sudents) scheduled for April 17th has been canceled.

Pubblicato il: 12 marzo 2020

Class cancelled: Microeconomics

Microeconomics. The make-up class of Thursday 10th of December has been cancelled

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