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Felix San Vicente Santiago

Alma Mater Professor

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

Adjunct professor

Department of Political and Social Sciences

Curriculum vitae

Félix San Vicente Santiago, graduated in Romance Philology at the University of Deusto (Bilbao 1974), and in Modern Literature at the University of Bologna (1977), taught as an Exchange Lecturer, Researcher and Associate Prof. at the University of Bologna, where he is currently Full Professor and member of the Department of Interpretation and Translation, at the Forlì Campus.

- Lecturer at the Univ. del Molise (1992-1993), the former SSLIMIT of Forlì (1997-2003), the Univ. of Pisa (1999) and visiting professor at the Univ. of Santiago de Compostela (E) in 2008.

- Member of the teaching board of the doctorates of Pisa and Bologna.

- Member of Doctoral Commissions at the universities of Lleida, Genoa, Venice, Lovanio and Salamanca, etc.

- Member of various international associations, he is the author of numerous publications in the field of Spanish linguistics, metalexicography, grammarography and applied linguistics, for whose relevance he is a Researcher of Category A for the Academic Years in which the survey was made at UNIBO.

- Lecturer in national and foreign universities and international research coordinator, he has organized numerous conferences and seminars concerning the Spanish language and language teaching.


Scientific activity

- Local Manager of the PRIN (2008-2010) of Lexicography and ideology “The brands in the Italian-Spanish bilingual lexicography”.

- Local Head of the PRIN (2010-2012) "Within and beyond the borders: use and norm in the languages of Western Europe".

- Coordinator of the Hesperia lexicography project: []

- Coordinator of the grammar project: []

- Director and coordinator of the GREIT Project (2010-2015) Gramática de referencia de español para italófonos, 3 vols. (1559 pp.), Bologna, Clueb, 2013-2015.

- Coordinator of the UNIBO FARB Project: "For a contrastive grammar of orality: new research perspectives aimed at higher education in the field of linguistic mediation" (2013-2015).

- Coordinator of the Doctorate in Translation, Interpretation and Interculturality (University of Bologna, 2012-2015).

- Member of the European project (2014-2021) "Preterito perfecto simple y preterito perfecto compuesto: historiografia, gramatizacion and actual de la oposicion en el español European" (University of Salamanca).

- Head of LICEI Research group in LICEI contrastive linguistics.

- Head of the European Erasmus + project "SHIFT in Orality - SHaping the Interpreters of the Future and of Today" (2015-2018). []

- Co-responsible for the Epigrama Project, Spanish grammars for Italian speakers []

- National Head of PRIN 2017: The Italian language in Spanish-speaking territories, from a language of culture and translation into a language of education and commerce.

- Participant in the project of the Univ. of padua: The pronoun in the grammars of Spanish for Italians (XVI-XVIII centuries) prot. BIRD197975 (2019-2021).

- Member of the board of several linguistics journals (Sintagma, Cuadernos Aispi, Orillas, Quaderni del CIRSIL, etc.).

- Member of the Scientific Committee of the Lexicography worldwide: theoretical, descriptive and applied perspectives series.

- Director of the CLUEB Contexts Series.

- Co-director of the Epigrama series

Institutional activities and academic positions

- He has held various institutional and academic positions including:

- Member of the Board of the Department of Foreign Languages and Letters (Bologna) (1991-1992).

- Member of the Board of the Department of Translation and Interpreting (Forlì) (1997-2000).

- Head of the University Language Center of Forlì (CLIFO) - (1995-2002).

- Member of the Management Committee of SSLIMIT (2000-2010).

- Director of the CLIRO Language Center of the University of Bologna, (2002-2012).

- Member of the University Language Policy Commission (2009).

- University representative at the General Council of the Cassa del Risparmi Foundation of Forlì (2009-2012).

- University Representative at the Rufilli Foundation (2011-2020)

- President of the Scientific-Didactic Pole of Forlì (2010-2012).

- Member of the Board of Directors of CIRI (Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research) Aeronautics and of CIRI (Interdepartmental Center for Industrial Research) ICT (2010-2012.

- Member of the SITLEC Doctoral Teaching Committee (2012-2015).

- Member of the "Art of Innovation" Steering Committee (Municipality of Forlì, Carisp Foundation, Chamber of Commerce of Forlí-Cesena) (2011).

- Member of the Forlì Council of Culture (2010-2015).

- Member of the Board of the Sociedad Española de lexicografía (2011-2013).

- Coordinator of the Forlì Campus (2012-2017).

- Member of the Board of the Sociedad Española de Historiografía Lingüística (2015-).

- President of the Forlì Campus (2017-2019).

- Director of the Interuniversity Research Center on the History of Language Teachings: CIRSIL (2016 -...) []

- Corresponding Member of the Academy of Sciences of Bologna


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