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Federica Costantini

Associate Professor

Department of Biological, Geological, and Environmental Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/07 Ecology

Curriculum vitae

Date and place of birth:             November 28, 1975, Ravenna, Italy

Actual position:  RTD ((05/C1 Ecology)


- 2003-2006: PhD in Environmental Science. University of Bologna, Italy

- 1998-2001: MSc in Environmental Science. University of Bologna, Italy


- 2000: two star CMAS Scientific SCUBA Diver

Employment and fellowships:

2013-today: RTD at the University of Bologna, Italy

2006-2013: Postdoctoral Fellow, University of Bologna, Italy

2006-: CIRSA, University of Bologna, Italy.

Post - Doctoral research fellow on the project: Larval dispersal, population genetics and evolution of Corallium rubrum, in collaboration with Prof. M Abbiati.

2003/2006: CIRSA, University of Bologna, Italy.

Analysis of the genetic structure and larval dispersal in Mediterranean Corallium rubrum using nuclear markers. PhD under supervision of Prof. Marco Abbiati.

2002: University of Bologna, Italy.

Research fellow on the EU funded project “DELOS - Environmental design of low crested coastal defence structure”. Population genetics of Patella caerulea: development of microsatellite loci.

2004: Participation to the EU funded project “European Marine Genetic Biodiversity”. 

1998/2001: University of Bologna, Italy. Development of molecular markers for conservation and sustainable management of Corallium rubrum populations. MSc under supervision of Prof. Marco Abbiati.


2009 “Luigi e Francesca Brusarosco” Grant held at the CSIC of Barcelona under supervision of Prof. Gili JM. 

2008 Special award S.It.E for the paper “Costantini F, Fauvelot C, Abbiati M. (2007) Phylogeography of the temperate gorgonian coral Corallium rubrum across the Western Mediterranean Sea revealed by microsatellites and nuclear sequences” published in Molecolar Ecology.

Research visit:

2009: Institut de Ciències del Mar, Barcelona, Spain. 6 month Research fellow on “Low connectivity and declining genetic variability along a depth gradient in Corallium rubrum populations.” In collaboration with Prof. Joseph Maria Gili.

2003: Grice Marine Laboratory-University of Charleston- South Carolina, USA

“Phylogenetic analysis of the Mediterranean Octocorallia based on mitochondrial MSH sequences.” In collaboration with Dr S. France.


2014:Training on “HID Real Time PCR and Quantifiler Trio kit”

2014:Workshop on “Genotyping with 2bRAD”, Wrigley Marine Science Center, Catalina Island, California

2013:International workshop “An introduction to generalised linear models and exstensions using R”, University of Bologna, Italy

- 2012: International workshop “Introduction to Meta-Analysis of Biological/Ecological data”, University of Bologna, Italy

- 2012: Workshop on “Next Generation Sequencing technologies and informatics tools for studying Marine Biodiversity and Adaptations”, Institue of Marine Biology, Biotechnology and Acquaculture, HCMR, Heraklion, Crete

- 2009: Summer school in “An Introduction to Meta-analysis in Ecology and evolutionary biology”, National Evolutionary Synthesis Center, Durham, NC, USA

- 2007: Summer school in “Marine Evolutionary & Ecological Genomics”, Station Biologique de Roscoff, Roscoff, Francia.

Ongoing and Research projects:

2012: Partecipation to Italian Project PRIN 2010-11 “Biocostruzioni costiere: struttura, funzione, e gestione”.

2012: Partecipation to the Training Network for Monitoring Mediterranean Marine Protected Areas (MMMPA) is a Marie Curie Initial Training Network (Call FP7-PEOPLE-2011-ITN), funded by the European Commission.

2011: Participation to the Italian Ministryof Agriculture, Foodand Forestry funded project “Uso del ROV nella definizione applicative dei piani di gestione per il Corallo rosso”

2010: Participation to the Italian Environmental Ministry funded project “Populations study of deep red coral”.

Other coordination and professional activities: 

Teaching: since 2009 I assist teaching for “Larval dispersal, connectivity and marine population structure” for the Graduate Diploma of Marine Biology at Bologna University

Student supervision: I am currently supervising undergraduate and MSc students, 1 Post Doc and 2 PhD students (Italian and Mares).

Phd board: I participated in a PHD jury for the Doctoral thesis on “L'adaptation d'Eunicella singularis en milieu perturbé: symbiose et structuration genetique”, Universitè de Nice-Sophia Antipolis, France

 Collaborations: Scientific collaborations (past and present ongoing projects): Dr. Scott France (Grice Laboratory-University of Charleston, USA), Prof. Tinti Fausto (University of Bologna, Italy), Prof. Marco Abbiati (University of Bologna, Italy), Prof. M. Taviani (CNR, Bologna), Prof J.M: Gili (CSIC, Barcellona, Spagna), Dott. C. Fauvelot (Universitè de Perpignan, Francia), Dott. A. Didier (Université de la Méditerranée / Centre d'Océanologie de Marseille, Francia), Dott. Katell Guizien (Observatoire Oceanologique de Banyuls/mer, France).

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