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Fabrizio De Ponti

Full Professor

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

Academic discipline: BIO/14 Pharmacology


Clinical Case Discussion Moderator Training

Clinical Case Discussion Moderator Training

November 21-22, 2023 - OPEN SPACE – Polo Murri – Bologna

Clinical Tutor: Dr. Christian Rausch (Ludwig Maximilian University - Munich)

After the positive experience within the framework of the Global Alliance of Medical Excellence, the School of Medicine and Surgery proposes the Clinical Case Discussion Moderator Training with the goal of offering an innovative learning experience to Medical Students enrolled in one of the four Degree Programs in Medicine and Surgery at the University of Bologna.

Program and Goals

  1. Get to know an innovative teaching format:

    The Clinical Case Discussion (CCD) format was developed by leading American medical schools and has successfully been implemented at Ludwig Maximilian University Munich for two decades. The learning format emphasizes peer teaching, active participation, clinical reasoning and collegial discussion of real medical cases. In this course, you will learn the structure of the teaching format, its strengths and weaknesses, and how to conduct your own session.

  2. Improve your clinical reasoning:

    Clinical reasoning is improved through both a real-world based learning format demanding diagnostic choices but also through theoretical background on how scientific and clinical reasoning are currently conceptualized. We also include useful algorithms and heuristics that will help you make good clinical choices. In addition, decision support systems such as available online databases will be introduced.

  3. Learn basic concepts of learning science:

    The course does not only teach you how to conduct CCDs but gives you the reasons for why learning science considers this format particularly useful as well. Important current principles of learning science such as active recall of a foundation of prior knowledge, spaced and varied practice and the importance of mental models are taught.

  4. Practice your medical English:

As both this course and the CCDs in general are conducted in English you will improve your medical English.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Medical Students (IV-V year) and Junior Clinical Tutors

FORMAT: interactive face-to-face sessions held in English


APPLICATION (for medical students)

Students must be enrolled in the 4th year (degree programs in Medicine and Surgery of Forlì and Ravenna) or in the 5th year (degree programs in Medicine and Surgery of Bologna) in the academic year 2023/2024.

Students attending the fourth or fifth year of the Degree Programs in Medicine and Surgery must submit their application to Prof. Fabrizio De Ponti ( by the deadline of September 30, 2023 with the following attachments:

a) detailed CV (which must specify knowledge of English, which must be at least C1, and must include the number of credits – CFU – achieved up to the date of submission);

b) motivation letter in English (maximum 1 page) with relevant experience (especially in teamwork).

SELECTION OF CANDIDATES. In case more than 15 applications are submitted, the School of Medicine will select 15 candidates. Criteria for selection:

  • knowledge of English (at least C1)
  • merit (number of credits and scores) weighed by year of attendance
  • previous experience and motivation

IMPORTANT NOTE: no credits (CFU) will be granted by the University of Bologna. However, students attending both days will receive a certificate of attendance, which, in a student portfolio logic, may be considered by their degree program among the activities concurring to define the score to be assigned to the “Prova Finale”.


Fabrizio De Ponti

Dean’s Delegate for Global Alliance of Medical Excellence

Transnational Educational Initiative


Published on: August 03 2023