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Fabrizio De Ponti

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Dipartimento di Scienze Mediche e Chirurgiche

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Summer School on “Interprofessional Education for Planetary Health”

After the positive four-year experience within the framework of the Global Alliance of Medical Excellence (further information here [] ), Korea University (Seoul, South Korea) proposes the International GAME-TEI Summer School on Interprofessional Education for Planetary Health, which will be held in Seoul, July 10-14, 2023, and invites students from partner Universities.

The host University requests a fee of 500 US$ for participating students (this includes program and accommodation in room sharing, but does not include travel costs to Seoul).

The initiative has the goal of promoting an international working group on the topic within the Global Alliance of Medical Excellence.

Program and Goals

1. Describe how the environment and human health interact at different levels.

2. Propose and assess feasibility of simple local solutions to improving sustainability in your own health care settings, using systems thinking.

3. Introduce the role of health professionals as advocates to protect and promote health impacted by the interdependence of health and ecosystems.

Through active participation, group presentations in the format of poster and onsite oral presentations, students from medical, nursing and pharmacy schools from different parts of the world can exchange ideas and highlight cultural differences in strategies in achieving sustainable healthcare.

Participants will receive an official certificate of attendance by the host institution (Korea University).

Our School of Medicine will select maximum 4 candidates to be presented to Korea University.

APPLICATION: students attending the fourth-to-sixth year of the Degree Programs in Medicine and Surgery (CODE: 8415 in Italian and 9210 in English) must submit their application to Prof. De Ponti ( by the deadline of April 12, 2023 with the following attachments:

a) detailed CV (specify knowledge of English, which must be at least C1 and include the number of credits – CFU – achieved up to the date of submission);

b) motivation letter in English (maximum 1 page) with relevant experience (especially in interprofessional environments o other GAME activities).


  • knowledge of English (at least C1)
  • merit (number of credits and scores) weighed by year of attendance
  • previous experience and motivation

IMPORTANT NOTE: since this is an extracurricular activity, the University of Bologna will not provide financial support and no credits (CFU) will be granted by the University of Bologna.

Fabrizio De Ponti

Dean’s Delegate for GAME - Transnational Educational Initiative

Pubblicato il: 20 marzo 2023