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Fabrizio Cavani

Full Professor

Department of Industrial Chemistry "Toso Montanari"

Academic discipline: CHIM/04 Industrial Chemistry

Coordinator of PhD Programme in INDUSTRIAL CHEMISTRY


Vozniuk O.; Cacciaguerra T.; Tanchoux N.; Albonetti S.; Stievano L.; Millet J.-M.M.; Bion N.; Di Renzo F.; Cavani F., Control of the mechanism of chemical-looping of ethanol in non-stoichiometric ferrites by Cu-Mn substitution, «CATALYSIS TODAY», 2023, 418, pp. 114105-1 - 114105-16 [Scientific article]

Awan I.Z.; Ho P.H.; Beltrami G.; Gimello O.; Cacciaguerra T.; Gaudin P.; Tanchoux N.; Albonetti S.; Martucci A.; Cavani F.; Tichit D.; Di Renzo F., Design of Multicationic Copper-Bearing Layered Double Hydroxides for Catalytic Application in Biorefinery, «CHEMCATCHEM», 2023, 15, pp. e202201622-1 - e202201622-11 [Scientific article]

De Maron J.; Tabanelli T.; Ospitali F.; Lopez Cruz C.; Righi P.; Cavani F., Gas-phase oxidative dehydrogenation of long chain alkenols for the production of key fragrance ingredients: from Rosalva isomers to Costenal analogues, «CATALYSIS SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY», 2023, 13, pp. 1059 - 1073 [Scientific article]

Monti E.; Ventimiglia A.; Forster L.; Rodriguez-Aguado E.; Cecilia J.A.; Ospitali F.; Tabanelli T.; Albonetti S.; Cavani F.; Rivalta I.; D'Agostino C.; Dimitratos N., Influence of stabilisers on the catalytic activity of supported Au colloidal nanoparticles for the liquid phase oxidation of glucose to glucaric acid: understanding the catalyst performance from NMR relaxation and computational studies, «GREEN CHEMISTRY», 2023, 25, pp. 2640 - 2652 [Scientific article]

Bacchiocchi R.; De Maron J.; Tabanelli T.; Bianchi D.; Cavani F., Supported rhenium catalysts for the hydrogenation of levulinic acid derivatives: limits and potential, «SUSTAINABLE ENERGY & FUELS», 2023, 7, pp. 671 - 681 [Scientific article]

Belluati M.; Tabasso S.; Bucciol F.; Tabanelli T.; Cavani F.; Cravotto G.; Manzoli M., Sustainable isosorbide production by a neat one-pot MW-assisted catalytic glucose conversion, «CATALYSIS TODAY», 2023, 418, pp. 114086-1 - 114086-12 [Scientific article]

Puzzo F.; Capece N.; Setti L.; Pavarelli G.; De Maron J.; Tabanelli T.; Cavani F., 1-Butanol dehydration and oxidation over vanadium phosphate catalysts, «APPLIED CATALYSIS A: GENERAL», 2023, 661, pp. 119243-1 - 119243-10 [Scientific article]

Cesari, Cristiana; Gagliardi, Anna; Messori, Alessandro; Monti, Nicola; Zanotti, Valerio; Zacchini, Stefano; Rivalta, Ivan; Calcagno, Francesco; Lucarelli, Carlo; Tabanelli, Tommaso; Cavani, Fabrizio; Mazzoni, Rita, Boosting the guerbet reaction: A cooperative catalytic system for the efficient bio-ethanol refinery to second-generation biofuels, «JOURNAL OF CATALYSIS», 2022, 405, pp. 47 - 59 [Scientific article]

Anna GAGLIARDI, Cristiana CESARI, Alessandro MESSORI, Nicola MONTI, Carlo LUCARELLI, Tommaso TABANELLI, Valerio ZANOTTI, Francesco CALCAGNO, Ivan RIVALTA, Fabrizio CAVANI, Rita MAZZONI, BOOSTING THE GUERBET REACTION: A COOPERATIVE HOMOGENEOUS CATALYTIC SYSTEM FOR BIOETHANOL REFINERY TO SECOND-GENERATION BIOFUELS, in: ICCC 2022 — 45th International Conference on Coordination Chemistry, 2022, pp. 407 - 407 (atti di: ICCC 2022 — 45th International Conference on Coordination Chemistry,, Rimini, IT, 28/08/2022-02/09/2022) [Abstract]

Alessandro Messori, Cristiana Cesari, Anna Gagliardi, Nicola Monti , Valerio Zanotti, Stefano Zacchini, Ivan Rivalta, Francesco Calcagno, Carlo Lucarelli, Tommaso Tabanelli, Fabrizio Cavani, Rita Mazzoni, Boosting the Guerbet reaction: a cooperative homogeneous catalytic system for bioethanol refinery to second-generation biofuels, in: International Green Catalysis Symposium & Advanced School - GreenCat 2022, 2022, pp. P30 - P30 (atti di: International Green Catalysis Symposium & Advanced School - GreenCat 2022, Rennes, 19-22/04/2022) [Abstract]

Monti, Eleonora; Ventimiglia, Alessia; Soto, Carolina Alejandra Garcia; Martelli, Francesca; Rodríguez-Aguado, Elena; Cecilia, Juan Antonio; Sadier, Achraf; Ospitali, Francesca; Tabanelli, Tommaso; Albonetti, Stefania; Cavani, Fabrizio; Wojcieszak, Robert; Dimitratos, Nikolaos, Effect of the Colloidal Preparation Method for Supported Preformed Colloidal Au Nanoparticles for the Liquid Phase Oxidation of 1,6-Hexanediol to Adipic Acid, «CATALYSTS», 2022, 12, Article number: 196 , pp. 1 - 15 [Scientific article]Open Access

De Maron, Jacopo; Bellotti, Luca; Baldelli, Alessio; Fasolini, Andrea; Schiaroli, Nicola; Lucarelli, Carlo; Cavani, Fabrizio; Tabanelli, Tommaso, Evaluation of the Catalytic Activity of Metal Phosphates and Related Oxides in the Ketonization of Propionic Acid, «SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY», 2022, 3, Article number: 5 , pp. 58 - 75 [Scientific article]Open Access

Galletti G.; Prete P.; Vanzini S.; Cucciniello R.; Fasolini A.; De Maron J.; Cavani F.; Tabanelli T., Glycerol Carbonate as a Versatile Alkylating Agent for the Synthesis of β-Aryloxy Alcohols, «ACS SUSTAINABLE CHEMISTRY & ENGINEERING», 2022, 10, pp. 10922 - 10933 [Scientific article]Open Access

Rita Mazzoni;Cristiana Cesari;Anna Gagliardi;Alessandro Messori;Valerio Zanotti;Ivan Rivalta;Francesco Calcagno;Tommaso Tabanelli;Carlo Lucarelli;Fabrizio Cavani, How to bring alcohols out of the Guerbet’s labyrinth: an efficient homogeneous catalytic approach, in: XXII National Congress of Catalysis, GIC-2022, 2022, pp. 68 - 68 (atti di: XXII National Congress of Catalysis, GIC-2022, Riccione (Hotel Corallo), 11-14 settembre 2022) [Abstract]

Fulignati S.; Antonetti C.; Tabanelli T.; Cavani F.; Raspolli Galletti A.M., Integrated Cascade Process for the Catalytic Conversion of 5-Hydroxymethylfurfural to Furanic and TetrahydrofuranicDiethers as Potential Biofuels, «CHEMSUSCHEM», 2022, 15, Article number: e202200241 , pp. 1 - 14 [Scientific article]Open Access

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