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Francesca Agostini

Full Professor

Department of Psychology "Renzo Canestrari"

Academic discipline: M-PSI/07 Dynamic Psychology


Keywords: transition to parenthood perinatal psychopathology developmental psychopathology caregiver-infant interactions preterm birth

·           Perinatal Psychopathology.

·           Infant development and perinatal psychopathology.

·    Screening and treatment of perinatal depression and anxiety.

·    Transition to Parenthood.

·    Clinical assessment of adult-infant interactions.

·    Hospitalization in infancy.

·           Perinatal Psychopathology: Perinatal depression - Perinatal anxiety disorders – Social phobia in pregnancy - Consequences of perinatal psychopathology on mother's and father's wellbeing and on the family.

·           Infant development and perinatal psychopathology: Brief and long-term effects of postnatal depression on infant's cognitive and emotional development – Effects of prenatal anxiety disorders on early infant temperament, assessment of infant behavioural inhibition.

·    Screening and treatment of perinatal depression and anxiety: Methods and instruments for the detection of postnatal depression and perinatal anxiety disorders – Screening and assessment in hospital and health services.

·    Transition to Parenthood: Representations and stress related to becoming parent - Parenthood at risk – Transition to parenthood in Assisted reproductive technology.

·    Clinical assessment of adult-infant interactions: Techniques of observation and clinical assessment of adult-infant interactions in the first three years of life -  Clinical assessment of mother-preterm baby early interactions, depressed mother-infant interactions and anxious mother-infant interactions.

·    Hospitalization in infancy: Consequences of chronic disease (eg cystic fibrosis, atopic dermatitis) on family's and infant's Quality of Life (QoL) -Assessment of QoL in infants with atopic dermatitis and his family – Interventions aimed at promoting children's wellbeing during hospitalization.