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Eugenia Baroncelli

Associate Professor

Department of Political and Social Sciences

Academic discipline: SPS/04 Political Science

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Eugenia Baroncelli


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Current position: Associate Professor of Political Science (2014), Qualified as Full Professor based on Abilitazione Scientifica Nazionale (valid from 30/03/2018 to 30/03/2024)




University of Bologna, Department of Political and Social Sciences  Associate Professor of Political Science (2014)

Senior lecturer in Political Science (2010). 

Lecturer in Political Science (2007).


Courses taught:

- Politica dell'Economia Mondiale - subsequently 'Politics of the World Economy' 2002-2003 (International Relations- Advanced course), 2003-2004, 2004-2005 as adjunct external professor; AY 2005-2005, 2006-2007 on a pro-bono basis (35/40 hrs, 7/8 credits); since 2007 as tenured lecturer, towards the MA in International Relations and Diplomatic sciences, MA in International Politics and Markets

- 'International Relations' (2014-15; 2008-09) towards the BA in International Relations and Diplomatic sciences, University of Bologna, Forlì. 

-Politica e Sviluppo nel Mondo Globale - subsequently Politics and development in the global world, (since 2015-16) MA in 'International cooperation on human rights and intercultural heritage, Università di Bologna, Sede di Ravenna.

-'Theories of International Relations', PhD in Political Science and Sociology, Scuola Normale Superiore, Pisa, 2013-14, with F.Andreatta.

-'Governing economic globalization. The role of International organizations', 2013-14, Master in International Politics, University of Bologna, Department of Political and Social Sciences, Director: P.Ignazi

- IR and IPE graduate classes for the PhD in Political Science of the consortium formed by the University of Bologna, SUM and other Italian Universities (2007-2008), and for the HSE (High School of Economics, Moscow) (2009-10, 2010-11, 2011-12, 2012-13).

-'Political economy of international trade', MA in Political Economy (University of Genoa and Fondazione Garrone) (2012, 2013);

 - 'International politics in the new millennium: actors, processes, challenges' AY 2015-16, Lecture;  Coordinator for the Teaching module on 'Changes in international politics', within the Permanent training course in politics and communication for correspondents in crisis regions M.G. Cutuli', Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Bologna.


Department of Politics, Institutions, History , Facoltà di Scienze Politiche , Research Fellow in Politics of the World Economy , 2005-06, 2006-07.


The Johns Hopkins University, SAIS Bologna Center , Visiting Professorial Lecturer in Introduction to Development , Academic Year 2007-2008.


The World Bank, Development and Economic Research Trade Group, MENA, SSA. Consultant on trade and intellectual property topics in developing countries, 2000-2006. Empirical studies include: trade chapter for the Malawi Country Economic Memorandum, with M. Olarreaga and A. Nicita; preparation of a trademarks dataset from WIPO data, with C. Fink and B. Smarzynska; analyses on the politics of trade and trademarks protection in India, China, Hong Kong and South Africa, with M. Olarreaga and E. Krivonos, 2001-2004. Middle East and North Africa Region: research includes studies on Maghreb economic integration and trade policies; co-management of- and research for MENA projects (Removal of MFA Agreement, Economic Discovery and Export Diversification) 2005-2006, as well as country papers (“Dynamics of North-South Trade Integration: a comparison of the case of the Tunisia-EU Association Agreement with the experiences of Mexico-US-Canada Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) and Turkey-EU Customs Union”, 2001). South Asia Region: research on Pakistan-India trade and conflict: “ Economic Gains and the “Peace Dividend” from SAFTA”, 2005. Europe and Central Asia (ECA) Region preliminary study on the impact of trade liberalization on poverty (Romania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan) for the Trade Flagship Study, 2004.


Universityof Bologna , Master in International Relations (MRI), Lecturer in Theories of International Relations and Globalization Processes, November 2001-February 2002.


Council of Emilia-Romagna , Regional Government, Department of Legislative Affairs and Legal Consulting, Research Analyst in feasibility of draft-laws and Policy Consultant for implementation of regional laws, June 1998-October 1999.


Cassa di Risparmio di Ravenna , Bank, General Management and Legal Department, Consultant for legal issues related to the transition to the Euro, internship, April-June 1998.




PhD in Political Science,University of Florence , Dissertation: “The Political determinants of trade: the influence of military alliances, trade preferences and similarity of domestic regimes on bilateral trade flows, 1960-2000”, November 2003.


MA with honors, International Relations and Economics, The Johns Hopkins University , School of Advanced Studies in International Relations, SAIS, The Bologna Center and Washington D.C. GPA: 4.0. Specializations: International Relations, Economic Theory and Quantitative Methods (Applied Econometrics for Trade and Development, Econometrics, International Trading Systems, International Trade Theory, International Monetary Theory), 1999-2001.


MA, Legal Consulting for Business ,SPISA , Graduate School for Administrative Law and Science of Administration, Faculty of Law, University of Bologna, Italy, 1997-1998.


Laurea cum laude , Political Science, International Relations, Faculty of Political Science, University of Bologna at Forlì, GPA: 30/30. Dissertation: “Security Policies and Economic Interdependence in U.S.-West German relations from 1945 to 1989”,1997.


Erasmus Program , exchange student, University of Sussex, European Studies Department, Academic Year, 1993-1994.



 - Principal Investigator Research Unit Università di Bologna, within the UNAEuropa Network, Seed Funding Track, Project 'Dialogues between policy-makers and Academia', Leading Universities: Madrid Complutense, KU Leuven. Other partners: University of Helsinki, Université Paris 1-Panthéon Sorbonne, Jagiellonian University Krakow, University of Edinburgh, Freie Universitat Berlin. May 27 2020-ongoing

- Network Coordinator, HDP LAB_SYNEX4FUTURE: Synergizing the Humanitarian, Development, Peace Nexus for the Future (December 2019-ongoing). Conference Website _ International Cooperation and the Evolving Shapes of Global Governance: Peace, Development and Humanitarian Assistance At ALMAENGAGE! Development Cooperation and Social Engagement at the University of Bologna

-Workpackage Coordinator (WP 1 ‘Domestic determinants of trade and IPR policies and the role of International Agreements’) in the Leading Unit (University of Bologna) of the PRIN 2017 Project ‘New Protectionist Policies: Political Determinants and Economic Consequences’ (PI Alireza J. Naghavi, University of Bologna), First-ranked within SH1 (April 2020- ongoing)

-Member of the Scientific Committee, EULab Project, 'Promuovere la cittadinanza europea in tempi di crisi', Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Sociali, Università di Bologna, Regione Emilia Romagna, Unione Europea (2019),

-Coordinator, Research Project ‘The determinants of trade policies in the new global context’, Dipartimento di Scienze Politiche e Sociali (2018-2019)

- Awarded ALMAIDEA Starting Grant, with A.J. Naghavi (PI), A.Minerva, S.Bolatto and A.Forlani for the Project: 'International trade policies: between openness and protectionism. IPRs, Brain circulation and GVCs' (2018-)

- Member of the Research Team, Project: 'PATTERN: Political Affairs and Technological Transformations: Evolution and Relevance for NATO Strategy', NATO ACT, University of Bologna and FBK Cerpic (Trento), Sept-Dec 2016.

- Member of the Scientific committee, Project: ‘PREDICT: Projections and Relevant Effects of Demographic Implications, Changes, and Trends', 2013-ongoing, financed by NATO Allied Command Transformation (ACT), Norfolk (VA), Coordinator: S.Lucarelli, Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Bologna,  in cooperation with Research Center on International Politics and Conflict Resolution, Bruno Kessler Foundation, Trento, Coordinator: F. Andreatta.  Other partners:  University of Warwick, Sabanci Üniversitesi, SAIS, School of Advanced International Studies, Johns Hopkins University, Bologna Center, Italy.


-Member of the Unibo Unit for the Project 'Soluzioni e fallimenti nei conflitti identitari: l'autonomia del Trentino-Alto Adige in prospettiva comparata', financed by the Cassa di Risparmio Trento e Rovereto, 31.08.2011, Coordinator: F.Andreatta.


-Member of the Bologna Local Unit within the PRIN 2008. Project title: "The Causes of Inter-State War since the End of the Cold War", coordinator F.Andreatta (national and Unibo unit).


-Principal investigator, Unibo Unit, Associate Project ‘The EU at the World Bank: assessing effectiveness', within the EUPERFORM Project on the EU's Performance in International Institutions, financed throuhgh the ECRP V Eurocores (2009-2012), Coordinator: KE Jorgensen.


-Researcher in the  Progetto Strategico Giovani MIUR-Unibo 2008/10. La Trasformazione del Sistema Internazionale negli anni Settanta. Coordinator: M. Del Pero.


-Member of the Bologna Local Unit within the PRIN 2005. Project title: "The end of the Cold War or the irresistible advance of globalization ?", coordinator L.Nuti (national), M.Cesa (Unibo) 2005-2008.





Fulbright Fellowship , US-Italy Fulbright Commission, financing graduate studies at SAIS-The Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C., August 2000-May 2001, Academic Year 2000-2001.


Michael Vinciguerra Fellowship, US-Italy Fulbright Commission, financing graduate studies at SAIS-The Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C., August 2000-May 2001


SAIS Fellowship and Marie Kraus Fellowship , financing graduate studies at SAIS-The Johns Hopkins University, Washington D.C., Academic Year 2000-2001.


Banca Popolare dell'Emilia Romagna Fellowship, financing graduate studies at SAIS-The Johns Hopkins University, Bologna Center, Academic year 1999-2000.


Fondazione del Monte di Bologna e Ravenna Fellowship, financing graduate studies at SAIS-The Johns Hopkins University, Bologna Center, Academic year 1999-2000


Council of Emilia-Romagna Research Fellowship , post-graduate fellowship co-funded by the University of Bologna and the Council of Emilia-Romagna for policy research, 1998-1999.


SPISA Scholarship , toward the SPISA Advanced Degree, University of Bologna, 1997-1998.


EEC Erasmus Grant , sponsoring a year of study in the U.K. , 1993-94.


Scuola Normale Superiore di Pisa, National Scholarship , prestigious and highly competitive award granted to the 40 most outstanding high school graduates in Italy, 1987.




- (2021) ‘Cooperating through competition: EU challenge and support to the World Bank’s focality in development finance’, Global Policy, 12, S1, pp.80-89, Special Issue on ‘Bretton Woods Institutions and Regional organizations in a Changing Multilateral Order - Trade, Finance and Development’ (Guest editor: S.Lütz). Online ISSN:1758-5899, doi: 10.1111/1758-5899.12916.

- (2021) ‘L’opinione pubblica e le paure sulla sicurezza’, in A. Panebianco (ed), Democrazia e Sicurezza: Società occidentali e violenza collettiva, Bologna, Il Mulino, pp. 57-86. ISBN 978-88-15-29272-8.

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- (2020) 'Global shocks, regional conflicts and the quest for stable prosperity: Which way forward for China and Russia?' in S.Bianchini, A.Fiori (eds), Rekindling the Strong State in Russia and China, Part 2: China and Russia in the Changing World: Opportunities and Sources of Competition, Leiden and Boston, Brill, pp. 185-222, 978-90-04-32848-8

(2019) ‘Sistemi, unità, network. Le interazioni complesse nella politica internazionale del terzo millennio’, in Lo studio della politica, l'individuo e la libertà. Saggi in onore di Angelo Panebianco, Bologna, Il Mulino, ISBN 978-8815283825

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- (2017) 'States, markets and beyond: the nexuses between domestic, relational and systemic dimensions in IPE studies', in The Political Economy of Crisis and Change in the New Global Context, E. Baroncelli and R. Mulé (a cura di), Milano, Egea, ISBN 978-88-238-4514-5, pp.13-41.

-(2017) The Political Economy of Crisis and Change in the New Global Context, E. Baroncelli and R. Mulé (a cura di), Milano, Egea, ISBN 978-88-238-4514-5.

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-  (2006) with M. Malouche, ‘Analysis of  MENA-4's Textiles and Clothing Sector Competitiveness, in M. Pigato, N.Diop, E.Baroncelli, M.Malouche, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt and Jordan after the End of the Multi-Fiber Agreement. Impact, Challenges and Prospects, Report No. 35376 MNA Series, Washington, D.C., The World Bank, pp. 19-34.

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-(2003) “Democrazia e commercio: il caso delle grandi potenze tra il 1980 ed il 1998”, Rivista Italiana di Scienza Politica, XXXIII, 1, pp.31-69.


Major Conference proceedings:

E. Baroncelli. (2009) "The EU, the World Bank and the changing geometries of development policymaking", presented at European Consortium For Political Research 2009 General Conference. Potsdam. 10 September 2009. (pp. 1 - 27). ESSEX: European Consortium for Political Research (UNITED KINGDOM).

E.Baroncelli, (2009)  “ The EU at the World Bank: On the effectiveness of the Union's governance in multilateral development policymaking" , presented at ISA's 50th Annual Convention "Exploring the Past, Anticipating the Future”, New York, US, (February 15-18, 2009). Reference available at

E.Baroncelli (2008) “On the EU foreign economic policy role in multilateral contexts: Perceptual dynamics and policy responses in the World Bank”, presented at the IES-VUB GARNET Conference ‘The EU in International Affairs', Brussels, (April  24-26, 2008).

E.Baroncelli (2007) “Domestic Polities and Globalization: New Insights into the Link Between Polity Change and Trade Policy: 1960-2000”, presented at the Centre for the Study of Globalisation and Regionalisation 10th Anniversary Conference-GARNET Network of Excellence, University of Warwick, UK, September 17-19, 2007.

E.Baroncelli (2005) "Pakistan-India Trade Study: Economic Gains and the "Peace Dividend" from SAFTA", presented at World Bank High Level Workshop on Pakistan-India Trade Study, Islamabad, Pakistan, July 11, 2005.




OfficePlus 2016, Stata 14, WITS (COMTRADE and UNCTAD-Trains), WB Open Data, IMF IFS and DOTS, UNIDO and ISSP datasets.





Italian, native speaker.


English , fluent spoken and written language. CPE ( Cambridge Examination of Proficiency in English) Grade “A” 1994, TOEFL. Score: 273/300, 1999.


French, fluent written and spoken. French Proficiency Exam, Grade: Excellent, 2000.




Member of the Group 'Political Science', Il Mulino Publishing Company (Bologna)

Presence in Academic Journal Boards: Quaderni di Scienza Politica, Member of the Editorial Board; Rivista Italiana di Scienza Politica, Member of the Executive Committee (2013-2020)

Referee for scholarly journals on Political Science topics (Rivista Italiana di Scienza Politica, Quaderni di Scienza Politica; Rivista Italiana di Politiche Pubbliche) and international scholarly journals on International Political Economy topics (Global Studies Quarterly; Industrial and Corporate Change; Journal of Intellectual Property Rights; Global Affairs); World Bank publications on trade and tariff policies, competitiveness.

External independent expert for the evaluation of research projects, European Commission (Horizon2020); Italian Ministry University and Research (Prin, FIRB, SIR).


Professional Affiliations

- SISP Member

- Member of the SISP Standing Groups on International Relations (SGRI) and on the Quality of Democracy

- EISA Member (2013)

- Membro of the Network of Excellence GARNET, through the Forum on the problems of Peace and War

-Membro of the EUPERFORM Network, on the study of the effectiveness of EU external policies

- Membro of the Society for the Study and Diffusion of Democracy (SSDD)

- ISA Member (2009)


Panel Chair, Discussant, Convenor in various Political Science, IR-IPE National and International Academic Conferences (EISA, ISA, ECPR, SGIR, CSGR, SISP, SGRI).


PhD Boards:

- SNS Pisa – Florence, Graduation Session – Member in PhD Defense Panel, Candidate: A.Gridnev Title of Dissertation:Impact of Formal and Informal Authoritarian Institutions on the Rule of Law’, Florence 03.02.2020

-IMT Lucca, Graduation Session 20.12.2012, XXIII Cycle.


PhD Supervision and Doctoral External evaluation activities:

- A.Gridnev (SNS Pisa - Florence, PhD in Political Science and Sociology), Title of Dissertation: ‘Impact of Formal and Informal Authoritarian Institutions on the Rule of Law’, External Academic Evaluator August 2019.

-M.Brown (GLIS, University of Bologna), 'Population Identity Theory and Geopolitical Expansion' (2016-2018)

-V.Lenzi (IMT Lucca), The Challenge of Constraining: The Impact of Energy IGOs on Domestic Energy Policies (2011-2014)

-N.Raico (Graduate School in Social and Political Sciences,Università Statale, Milano), International Monetary Cooperation and the Structure of the International System (2012-2015)



Coordinator of the Internship Program - 2nd Cycle Degree in International Politics and Economics (MA IPE), formerli International Politics and Markets (MA IPM), Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Bologna - Forlì Campus (2018-ongoing)

Elected member, Department Board, Department of Political and Social Sciences, associate professors in service at Campus Forlì Università di Bologna (2021-ongoing)

Programme Coordinator Erasmus+ Bologna-Aarhus Exchange, Department of Political and Social Sciences University of Bologna,  (2018-ongoing)

Member of the Evaluation Panel for the Erasmus+ Traineeship Mobility Call, Campus Ravenna, Department of Cultural Heritage, Università di Bologna, (2021-ongoing)

Member of the Quality Assurance (AQ) Commission, I-Contact MA Degree in International Cooperation on Human Rights and Inter-cultural Heritage, Department of Cultural Heritage, University of Bologna, Campus Ravenna, (2020-ongoing)

Member of the Career Orientation and Job Placement Panels (incoming freshmen, outgoing graduates), Department of Political and Social Sciences, University of Bologna (2018-2021). Delegated Coordinator on Career Orientation at Forlì Campus (Department degree courses).

Coordinator of the NATO Model Event-International Crisis Management Simulation, Forlì: 2018, 2017, 2016, 2015 in cooperation with NATO AlliedCommand Transformation HQ (Norfolk, VA). Has supervised the organization of the 2014 Edition of the Event (Forlì May 19-20, 2014) in cooperation with L.Zambernardi.

Coordinator of the First UNIBO-NATO Summer Workshop and NATO Model Event, Forlì June 27-July 1 2016 in cooperation with NATO Allied Command Transformation HQ (Norfolk, VA)

Coordinator for the Preparation Course to the NATO Model Event, Washington DC 2012, December 2011-February 2012 Facoltà 'R.Ruffilli', University of Bologna.

Co-founder and Treasurer Alumni Association, University of Bologna, Facoltà ‘R.Ruffilli', Forlì, 2007-2008.