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Erika Scavetta

Professoressa ordinaria

Dipartimento di Chimica Industriale "Toso Montanari"

Settore scientifico disciplinare: CHIM/01 CHIMICA ANALITICA


HO HOANG, Phuoc; Monti, Marco; Scavetta, Erika; Tonelli, Domenica; Bernardi, Elena; Nobili, Lara; Fornasari, Giuseppe; Vaccari, Angelo; BENITO MARTIN, Patricia, Reactions involved in the elctrodeposition of hydrotalcite-type compounds on FeCrAlloy foams and plates, «ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA», 2016, 222, pp. 1335 - 1344 [articolo]

Vlamidis, Ylea; Fiorilli, Sonia; Giorgetti, Marco; Gualandi, Isacco; Scavetta, Erika; Tonelli, Domenica, Role of Fe in the oxidation of methanol electrocatalyzed by Ni based layered double hydroxides: X-rays spectroscopic and electrochemical studies, «RSC ADVANCES», 2016, 6, pp. 110976 - 110985 [articolo]

Gualandi, I.; Marzocchi, M.; Scavetta, E.; Calienni, M.; Bonfiglio, A.; Fraboni, B., A simple all-PEDOT:PSS electrochemical transistor for ascorbic acid sensing, «JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY. B», 2015, 3, pp. 6753 - 6762 [articolo]

Gualandi, Isacco; Scavetta, Erika; Vlamidis, Ylea; Casagrande, Angelo; Tonelli, Domenica, Co/Al layered double hydroxide coated electrode for in flow amperometric detection of sugars, «ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA», 2015, 173, pp. 67 - 75 [articolo]

Gualandi, Isacco; Monti, Marco; Scavetta, Erika; Tonelli, Domenica; Prevot, Vanessa; Mousty, Christine, Electrodeposition of Layered Double Hydroxides on platinum: Insights into the reactions sequence, «ELECTROCHIMICA ACTA», 2015, 152, pp. 75 - 83 [articolo]

Benito Martin, P.; Monti, M.; De Nolf, W.; Nuyts, G.; Janssen, G.; Fornasari, G.; Scavetta, E.; Basile, F.; Janssens, F.; Ospitali, F.; Tonelli, D.; Vaccari, A., Improvement in the coating homogeneity in electrosynthesized Rh structured catalysts for the partial oxidation of methane, «CATALYSIS TODAY», 2015, 246, pp. 154 - 164 [articolo]

Marzocchi, M.; Gualandi, I.; Calienni, M.; Zironi, I.; Scavetta, E.; Castellani, G.; Fraboni, B., Physical and Electrochemical Properties of PEDOT:PSS as a Tool for Controlling Cell Growth, «ACS APPLIED MATERIALS & INTERFACES», 2015, 7, pp. 17993 - 18003 [articolo]

Benito Martin, P.; Nuyts, G.; Monti, M.; De Nolf, W.; Fornasari, G.; Janssens, K; Scavetta, E.; Vaccari, A., Stable Rh particles in hydrotalcite-derived catalysts coated onFeCrAlloy foams by electrosynthesis, «APPLIED CATALYSIS. B, ENVIRONMENTAL», 2015, 179, pp. 321 - 332 [articolo]

Scavetta, Erika; Casagrande, Angelo; Gualandi, Isacco; Tonelli, Domenica, Analytical performances of Ni LDH films electrochemically deposited on Pt surface: phenol and glucose detection, «JOURNAL OF ELECTROANALYTICAL CHEMISTRY», 2014, 722-723, pp. 15 - 22 [articolo]

Marco Marzocchi;Erika Scavetta;Isabella Zironi;Gastone Castellani;Annalisa Bonfiglio;George G. Malliaras;Roisin M. Owens;Beatrice Fraboni, Conducting polymer thin films as substrates for cell cultures, in: MRS Spring 2013 Proceedings, «MRS PROCEEDINGS», 2014, 1624, pp. 557 - 560 (atti di: MRS Meeting 2013, Boston, USA, Dicembre 2013) [Contributo in Atti di convegno]

E. Scavetta;R. Mazzoni;F. Mariani;R. G. Margutta;A. Bonfiglio;M. Demelas;S. Fiorilli;M. Marzocchi;B. Fraboni, Dopamine amperometric detection at a ferrocene clicked PEDOT:PSS coated electrode, «JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY. B», 2014, 2, pp. 2861 - 2867 [articolo]

D.Cavalcoli; B.Fraboni; G. Impellizzeri; L. Romano; E.Scavetta ; M. G. Grimaldi, Nanopore formation induced by ion-implantation in Ge: optical properties, in: SYMPOSIUM E Defect-induced effects in nanomaterials, 2014, pp. 4 - 4 (atti di: EMRS Spring meeting Symp E Defect-induced effects in nanomaterials, Lille (Francia), maggio 2014) [atti di convegno-abstract]

D. Cavalcoli;B. Fraboni;G. Impellizzeri;L. Romano;E. Scavetta;M.G. Grimaldi, Optoelectronic properties of nanoporous Ge layers investigated by surface photovoltage spectroscopy, «MICROPOROUS AND MESOPOROUS MATERIALS», 2014, 196, pp. 175 - 178 [articolo]

P. Benito; W. De Nolf; G. Nuyts; M. Monti; G. Fornasari; F. Basile; K. Janssens; F. Ospitali; E. Scavetta; D. Tonelli; A. Vaccari, Role of coating-metallic support interaction in the properties of electrosynthesized Rh-based structured catalysts, «ACS CATALYSIS», 2014, 4, pp. 3779 - 3790 [articolo]

Gualandi, I.; Marzocchi, M.; Scavetta, E.; Fraboni, B., Study of the stability in different aqueous mediums of polarized PEDOT:PSS, in: ., 2014, 1, pp. 159 - 159 (atti di: ICOE 2014, Modena, 11-13 giugno 2014) [atti di convegno-poster]

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