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Enzo Zanchini

Alma Mater Professor

Alma Mater Studiorum - Università di Bologna

Adjunct professor

Department of Industrial Engineering

Short Bio

Full professor of Industrial Technical Physics at the School of Engineering and Architecture of the University of Bologna till October 31 2018, he is at present Alma Mater professor and adjoint professor at the same School. He carried out researches on the foundations of Thermodynamics and of Mechanics, on Conduction and Convection Heat Transfer, on the energy efficiency of buildings. He has been coordinator of the research group of the University of Bologna in the European Projects "HERB - Holistic Energy-efficient Retrofitting of Residential Buildings" and "RD-SBES-R - R&D in Sustainable Building Energy Systems and retrofitting". He is now performing researches on the dynamic simulation and on the optimization of vertical ground heat exchangers and of heat pump systems. He is author or coauthor of more than 140 scientific papers, more than 80 of which are published in international journals.

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+39 051 20 9 3295

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Students are received on appointment, at the Department of Industrial Engineering (DIN), Fisica Tecnica (office spaces ex DIENCA), second floor of the historic building of the School of Engineering and Architecture, Viale Risorgimento 2.