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Enrico Giorgi

Associate Professor

Department of History and Cultures

Academic discipline: L-ANT/09 Ancient Topography


Keywords: Ancient Urban Planning Ancient Roman Roads Methodology of Archaeological Research Landscape Archaeology

Landscape archeology: Study of the evolution of the landscape from the Hellenistic-Roman era to the Middle Ages, with particular regard to the Middle Adriatic region (Agro Gallico and Piceno, Dalmatia) and Ionic area (Epirus) and reconstruction of the relationship between populations and physical geography (viability, land use).

Archeology of urban landscape: Study of the genesis and development of urban centers in the Hellenistic and Roman Ages in relation to the surrounding territories.

Innovative Archaeological Methodologies for Research and for Teaching: Attention to research and to teaching focused on innovative and professionalizing methods for archaeological research.

Study and topographical survey of ancient cities and buildings: Study of pluristratified archaeological environments with particular regard to topographical surveying and documentation, the archeology of architecture, building techniques, mapping of degradation of buildings and ancient urban areas within archaeological parks (Pompeii, Herculaneum, Agrigento in Italy; Butrint in Albanian Epirus; Burnum in Dalmatia; Bakchias in Egypt).

Archaeological Maps: Evaluation of Archaeological Potential and editing of Archaeological Maps (GIS) for landscape archeology studies (Cesano and Tronto rivers valleys in Marche Region, Krka valley in Dalmatia, Fayyum Region in Egypt, Chacapata valley in Peru) and for Urban Archaeology Projects (Ariminum/Rimini, Asculum/Ascoli Piceno).

Preventive Archaeology, Topography and Geophysics for Archaeology: Development and experimentation of innovative methodologies of archaeological documentation with particular regard to the Topographical Survey of Archaeological Structures (GPS, Total Station, Photogrammetry, Laser Scanner) and to Preventive Archaeology (Remote Sensing, Aerial and Satellite Images, Geophysical Survey).

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