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Enrico Al Mureden

Full Professor

Department of Legal Studies

Academic discipline: IUS/01 Private Law


Keywords: economic consequences of divorce product liability protection of weaker spouse frustration of the contract precautionary principle prenuptial agreements ultrahazardous activities credit security divorce Food safety Automotive law

Credit Security 


Frustration of the contract  



Economic consequences of divorce 

Tort law 

Product liability

Precautionary principle 

The major research themes are related to Family Patrimonial Law, Inheritance Law, Tort Law and Product Liability.
FAMILY LAW. The major research themes examines the economic consequences of the dissolution of marriage. The subject includes a critical analysis of the Italian case law conducted in a comparative law perspective, in particular considering the English legal system. The course focuses not only on legal tools needed to restore the economic balance of the couple but also on private autonomy in determining personal and patrimonial consequences of divorce.
INHERITANCE LAW. The major research themes examines the law of necessary succession- conceived by lawmakers on the basis of the concept of the unity of the family- and the unfulfilling results arising from its application when there is the issue of dividing the property of a spouse that started more families over time. Prompted by this perspective, the attention focuses on the analysis of complex situations that can arise  after the dissolution of marriage and the recomposition of new family nuclei, critical aspects of the current legal system and the possible solutions to overcome them provided by jurists along with reform proposals.

PRODUCT LIABILITY. The contributions in the field of product liability deal with issues of injuries caused by defective products characterised by a defective manufacture or a defective design or a failure to warn, in a comparison between the Italian legal system and the American legal system. This comparison highlights that the strong connection existing between Product Safety Regulation, which varies by the type of product and Product Liability Law, clearly emerges from U.S case law while it is not sufficiently valued by the Italian legal system.