Foto del docente

Emilio Ferrari

Full Professor

Department of Industrial Engineering

Academic discipline: ING-IND/17 Industrial Mechanical Systems Engineering


Keywords: industrial plant maintenance production planning and control industrial engineering and management material handling and storage industrial logistics

Main topics are:
Industrial logistics
Automation of flow of material and of information in manufacturing and process industry
Industrial Plant Design and Management
General services for plants

Main topics are automation of flow of material and of information in manufacturing and process industry:
- design of Flexible Manufacturing Systems (FMS) and Flexible Assembling Systems (FAS)
- design of automated material handling systems by AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicle)
- design and management of automated warehouses
- materials requirement planning with MRP and JIT techniques
Industrial Plant Design and Management
Main topics in this area are related to the choice, planning, design, carrying out and management of industrial production systems. The following subjects are treated:
- criteria and procedures for economical evaluation of new industrial activities, specification of product, process and plant capacity;
- quantitative and qualitative methods for selecting the plant site, for productive machinery and equipment location, for lay-out problems;
- executive design, plant realisation development and control
- materials management, production scheduling and control techniques
General services for plants
Economic problems and considerations about the most important industrial services are discussed, with particular regard to energetic recovery and saving in cogeneration plants