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Emil Malucelli

Associate Professor

Department of Pharmacy and Biotechnology

Academic discipline: BIO/12 Clinical Biochemistry and Molecular Biology


Rossi, Martina; Cappadone, Concettina; Picone, Giovanna; Bisi, Alessandra; Farruggia, Giovanna; Belluti, Federica; Blasi, Paolo; Gobbi, Silvia; Malucelli, Emil, Natural-like Chalcones with Antitumor Activity on Human MG63 Osteosarcoma Cells, «MOLECULES», 2022, 27, Article number: 3751 , pp. 1 - 18 [Scientific article]

Cappadone C.; Malucelli E.; Zini M.; Farruggia G.; Picone G.; Gianoncelli A.; Notargiacomo A.; Fratini M.; Pignatti C.; Iotti S.; Stefanelli C., Assessment and imaging of intracellular magnesium in saos-2 osteosarcoma cells and its role in proliferation, «NUTRIENTS», 2021, 13, Article number: 1376 , pp. 1376 - 1389 [Scientific article]Open Access

Andrea Sorrentino, Emil Malucelli, Francesca Rossi, Concettina Cappadone, Giovanna Farruggia, Claudia Moscheni, Ana J. Perez-Berna, Jose Javier Conesa, Chiara Colletti, Norberto Roveri, Eva Pereiro, Stefano Iotti, Calcite as a precursor of hydroxyapatite in the early biomineralization of differentiating human bone-marrow mesenchymal stem cells, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES», 2021, 22, Article number: 4939 , pp. 1 - 16 [Scientific article]

Caciolla J.; Picone G.; Farruggia G.; Valenti D.; Rampa A.; Malucelli E.; Belluti F.; Trezza A.; Spiga O.; Iotti S.; Gobbi S.; Cappadone C.; Bisi A., Multifaceted activity of polyciclic MDR revertant agents in drug-resistant leukemic cells: Role of the spacer, «BIOORGANIC CHEMISTRY», 2021, 106, Article number: 104460 , pp. 104460 - 104472 [Scientific article]

Soldati E.; Rossi F.; Vicente J.; Guenoun D.; Pithioux M.; Iotti S.; Malucelli E.; Bendahan D., Survey of mri usefulness for the clinical assessment of bone microstructure, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES», 2021, 22, Article number: 2509 , pp. 1 - 27 [Scientific article]Open Access

Picone G.; Cappadone C.; Pasini A.; Lovecchio J.; Cortesi M.; Farruggia G.; Lombardo M.; Gianoncelli A.; Mancini L.; Menk Ralf H.; Donato S.; Giordano E.; Malucelli E.; Iotti S., Analysis of intracellular magnesium and mineral depositions during osteogenic commitment of 3d cultured saos2 cells, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES», 2020, 21, Article number: 2368 , pp. 1 - 14 [Scientific article]Open Access

Cappadone C.; Mandrone M.; Chiocchio I.; Sanna C.; Malucelli E.; Bassi V.; Picone G.; Poli F., Antitumor Potential and Phytochemical Profile of Plants from Sardinia (Italy), a Hotspot for Biodiversity in the Mediterranean Basin, «PLANTS», 2020, 9, Article number: 26 , pp. 1 - 23 [Scientific article]Open Access

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Moscheni C.; Malucelli E.; Castiglioni S.; Procopio A.; De Palma C.; Sorrentino A.; Sartori P.; Locatelli L.; Pereiro E.; Maier J.A.; Iotti S., 3D quantitative and ultrastructural analysis of mitochondria in a model of doxorubicin sensitive and resistant human colon carcinoma cells, «CANCERS», 2019, 11, Article number: 1254 , pp. 1 - 15 [Scientific article]Open Access

Michele Protti, Manuela Mandrone, Roberto Mandrioli, Concettina Cappadone, Giovanna Farruggia, Ilaria Chiocchio, Emil Malucelli, Gloria Isani, Ferruccio Poli, Laura Mercolini, Analysis of Artemisia annua extracts and related products by high performance liquid chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry coupled to sample treatment miniaturisation, «JOURNAL OF PHARMACEUTICAL AND BIOMEDICAL ANALYSIS», 2019, 174, pp. 81 - 88 [Scientific article]Open Access

Procopio A.; Malucelli E.; Pacureanu A.; Cappadone C.; Farruggia G.; Sargenti A.; Castiglioni S.; Altamura D.; Sorrentino A.; Giannini C.; Pereiro E.; Cloetens P.; Maier J.A.M.; Iotti S.;, Chemical Fingerprint of Zn-Hydroxyapatite in the Early Stages of Osteogenic Differentiation, «ACS CENTRAL SCIENCE», 2019, 5, pp. 1449 - 1460 [Scientific article]Open Access

Procopio A.; Cappadone C.; Zaccheroni N.; Malucelli E.; Merolle L.; Gianoncelli A.; Sargenti A.; Farruggia G.; Palomba F.; Rampazzo E.; Rapino S.; Prodi L.; Iotti S., Concentration and distribution of silica nanoparticles in colon cancer cells assessed by synchrotron based X-ray techniques, «TALANTA», 2019, 202, pp. 251 - 258 [Scientific article]

Alessandra Locatelli, Luisa Iommarini, Alessandra Graziadio, Alberto Leoni, Anna Maria Porcelli, Stefano Iotti, Emil Malucelli, Francesco Francia, Giovanni Venturoli, Giovanna Farruggia, Dansyl acetyl trehalose: a novel tool to investigate the cellular fate of trehalose, «RSC ADVANCES», 2019, 9, pp. 15350 - 15356 [Scientific article]Open Access

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Frascari, Irene; Procopio, Alessandra; Sargenti, Azzurra; Cappadone, Concettina; Farruggia, Giovanna; Malucelli, Emil*; Iotti, Stefano, Implementation of an iterative approach to optimize synchrotron X-ray fluorescence quantification of light elements in single cell, «SPECTROCHIMICA ACTA, PART B: ATOMIC SPECTROSCOPY», 2018, 149, pp. 132 - 142 [Scientific article]

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