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Emanuele Panza

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

Academic discipline: MED/03 Medical Genetics

Short Bio

Since July 2016 I have been an Assistant Professor at the University of Bologna, where I have been working in the Medical Genetics field, investigating the identification of disease genes and the development of model organisms.

After completing my thesis project at the Molecular Genetics lab of the G. Gaslini Institute (Genoa, Italy) in 2000, I received my PhD degree in Human Genetics from the University of Turin (2007). My PhD thesis focused on the identification of the gene responsible for a rare form of hereditary spastic paraplegia (SPG9).

Over the years, I have worked in different international centers and universities. I have been a visiting researcher at the German National Research Center in Munich (Germany), and at the Freiburg University (Germany). I spent 8 years in the lab headed by Nobel Prize Laureate Mario Capecchi (Nobel for Medicine in 2007), at the University of Utah (USA).

In 2018 I passed the National Scientific Qualification Exams at a level of Associate Professor, in Medical Genetics. Currently, my research interests include rare diseases and sarcomas, in particular the different forms of hereditary spastic paraplegia and clear cell sarcoma.

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