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Elisabetta Venuti

Full Professor

Department of Industrial Chemistry "Toso Montanari"

Academic discipline: CHIM/02 Physical Chemistry


Salzillo T.; Li J.; Pfattner R.; Venuti E.; Mas-Torrent M.; D'Amico F., Probing molecular arrangements of the organic semiconductor 2,7-Dioctyl[1]benzothieno[3,2- b][1]benzothiophene thin film at the interface by UV Resonant Raman scattering, «SURFACES AND INTERFACES», 2024, 44, Article number: 103752 , pp. 1 - 9 [Scientific article]

Ferrari, Elena; Pandolfi, Lorenzo; Schweicher, Guillaume; Geerts, Yves; Salzillo, Tommaso; Masino, Matteo; Venuti, Elisabetta, Structural Order and Thermal Behavior of Ph-BTBT-10 Monolayer Phases, «JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. C», 2024, 128, pp. 4258 - 4264 [Scientific article]

Suárez‐Blas, Fátima; Pandolfi, Lorenzo; Alonso‐Navarro, Matías J.; Riera‐Galindo, Sergi; Martínez, José Ignacio; Dörling, Bernhard; Funes, Alejandro; Harillo‐Baños, Albert; Venuti, Elisabetta; Ramos, María Mar; Campoy‐Quiles, Mariano; Segura, José L., Tailoring the Electron‐Deficient Central Core on Fused‐Ring Nonfullerene Acceptors: Deciphering the Relationships Between Structure, Property, and Photovoltaic Performance, «ADVANCED ENERGY AND SUSTAINABILITY RESEARCH», 2024, 2400028, Article number: 2400028 , pp. 1 - 13 [Scientific article]

Kawondera R.; Bonechi M.; Maccioni I.; Giurlani W.; Salzillo T.; Venuti E.; Mishra D.; Fontanesi C.; Innocenti M.; Mehlana G.; Mtangi W., Chiral “doped” MOFs: an electrochemical and theoretical integrated study, «FRONTIERS IN CHEMISTRY», 2023, 11, Article number: 1215619 , pp. 1 - 11 [Scientific article]

Ocak S.; Poli F.; Braga D.; Salzillo T.; Tarterini F.; Cari G.; Venuti E.; Soavi F.; d'Agostino S., Design of Novel Solid-State Electrolytes Based on Plastic Crystals of Quinuclidinolium Methanesulfonate for Proton Conduction, «CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN», 2023, 23, pp. 4336 - 4345 [Scientific article]Open Access

Ferrari E.; Pandolfi L.; Schweicher G.; Geerts Y.; Salzillo T.; Masino M.; Venuti E., Interlayer Sliding Phonon Drives Phase Transition in the Ph-BTBT-10 Organic Semiconductor, «CHEMISTRY OF MATERIALS», 2023, 35, pp. 5777 - 5783 [Scientific article]Open Access

Giunchi A.; Pandolfi L.; Della Valle R.G.; Salzillo T.; Venuti E.; Girlando A., Lattice Dynamics of Quinacridone Polymorphs: A Combined Raman and Computational Approach, «CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN», 2023, 23, pp. 6765 - 6773 [Scientific article]Open Access

James A.M.; McIntosh N.; Devaux F.; Brocorens P.; Cornil J.; Greco A.; Maini L.; Pandey P.; Pandolfi L.; Kunert B.; Venuti E.; Geerts Y.H.; Resel R., Polymorph screening at surfaces of a benzothienobenzothiophene derivative: discovering new solvate forms, «MATERIALS HORIZONS», 2023, 10, pp. 4415 - 4422 [Scientific article]Open Access

Ocak, Samet; Birolo, Rebecca; Carì, Gianluca; Bordignon, Simone; Chierotti, Michele R.; Braga, Dario; Gobetto, Roberto; Salzillo, Tommaso; Venuti, Elisabetta; Yaffe, Omer; d'Agostino, Simone, Engineering plastic phase transitions via solid solutions: the case of “reordering frustration” in ionic plastic crystals of hydroxyquinuclidinium salts, «MOLECULAR SYSTEMS DESIGN & ENGINEERING», 2022, 7, pp. 950 - 962 [Scientific article]Open Access

Giunchi, Andrea; Pandolfi, Lorenzo; Salzillo, Tommaso; Brillante, Aldo; Della Valle, Raffaele G; d'Agostino, Simone; Venuti, Elisabetta, Visualizing a Single-Crystal-to-Single-Crystal [2+2] Photodimerization through its Lattice Dynamics: An Experimental and Theoretical Investigation, «CHEMPHYSCHEM», 2022, 23, Article number: e202200168 , pp. 1 - 7 [Scientific article]

Salzillo T.; Giunchi A.; Pandolfi L.; Brillante A.; Venuti E., Bulk and Surface-Mediated Polymorphs of Bio-Inspired Dyes Organic Semiconductors: The Role of Lattice Phonons in their Investigation, «ISRAEL JOURNAL OF CHEMISTRY», 2021, 61, pp. 650 - 667 [Scientific article]Open Access

Musella E.; Gualandi I.; Giorgetti M.; Scavetta E.; Basile F.; Rivalta A.; Venuti E.; Corticelli F.; Christian M.; Morandi V.; Tonelli D., Electrosynthesis and characterization of Layered Double Hydroxides on different supports, «APPLIED CLAY SCIENCE», 2021, 202, Article number: 105949 , pp. 1 - 12 [Scientific article]Open Access

Rivalta A.; Albonetti C.; Biancone D.; Della Ciana M.; d'Agostino S.; Biniek L.; Brinkmann M.; Giunchi A.; Salzillo T.; Brillante A.; Della Valle R.G.; Venuti E., Growth, morphology and molecular orientation of controlled Indigo thin films on silica surfaces, «SURFACES AND INTERFACES», 2021, 24, Article number: 101058 , pp. 1 - 10 [Scientific article]Open Access

Pandolfi L.; Giunchi A.; Rivalta A.; D'Agostino S.; Della Valle R.G.; Mas-Torrent M.; Lanzi M.; Venuti E.; Salzillo T., Precursor polymorph determines the organic semiconductor structure formed upon annealing, «JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY. C», 2021, 9, pp. 10865 - 10874 [Scientific article]Open Access

Pandolfi, Lorenzo; Giunchi, Andrea; Salzillo, Tommaso; Brillante, Aldo; Della Valle, Raffaele G.; Venuti, Elisabetta; Grepioni, Fabrizia; D'Agostino, Simone, The impact of solid solution composition on kinetics and mechanism of [2 + 2] photodimerization of cinnamic acid derivatives, «CRYSTENGCOMM», 2021, 23, pp. 1352 - 1359 [Scientific article]Open Access

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