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Elisabetta Venuti

Full Professor

Department of Industrial Chemistry "Toso Montanari"

Academic discipline: CHIM/02 Physical Chemistry


Braun D.E.; Rivalta A.; Giunchi A.; Bedoya-Martinez N.; Schrode B.; Venuti E.; Della Valle R.G.; Werzer O., Surface Induced Phenytoin Polymorph. 1. Full Structure Solution by Combining Grazing Incidence X-ray Diffraction and Crystal Structure Prediction, «CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN», 2019, 19, pp. 6058 - 6066 [Scientific article]

Giunchi A.; Rivalta A.; Bedoya-Martinez N.; Schrode B.; Braun D.E.; Werzer O.; Venuti E.; Della Valle R.G., Surface Induced Phenytoin Polymorph. 2. Structure Validation by Comparing Experimental and Density Functional Theory Raman Spectra, «CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN», 2019, 19, pp. 6067 - 6073 [Scientific article]

E. Musella, I. Gualandi, E. Scavetta, A. Mullaliu, M. Giorgetti, A. Rivalta, E. Venuti, M. Christian, V. Morandi, D. Tonelli, SYNTHESIS OF Co BASED LAYERED DOUBLE HYDROXIDES: TOWARD A NOBLE METAL FREE ELECTRO-CATALYSIS AND SENSING, in: XXVIII Congress of the Analytical Chemistry Division - Book of Abstracts, 2019, pp. 138 - 139 (atti di: XXVIII Congress of the Analytical Chemistry Division, Bari, 22-26 September 2019) [Abstract]

Cappuccino, C.; Mazzeo, P. P.; Salzillo, T.; Venuti, E.; Giunchi, A.; Della Valle, R. G.; Brillante, A.; Bettini, C.; Melucci, M.; Maini, L., A synergic approach of X-ray powder diffraction and Raman spectroscopy for crystal structure determination of 2,3-thienoimide capped oligothiophenes, «PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY CHEMICAL PHYSICS», 2018, 20, pp. 3630 - 3636 [Scientific article]

Tommaso Salzillo, Andrea Giunchi, Matteo Masino, Natalia Bedoya-Martinez, Raffaele G Della Valle,Aldo Brillante, Alberto Girlando, Elisabetta Venuti, An Alternative Strategy to Polymorph Recognition at Work: The Emblematic Case of Coronene, «CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN», 2018, 18, pp. 4869 - 4873 [Scientific article]

Arianna Rivalta, Tommaso Salzillo , Elisabetta Venuti, Raffaele G. Della Valle, Barbara Sokolovič, Oliver Werzer , Aldo Brillante, Bulk and Surface-Stabilized Structures of Paracetamol Revisited by Raman Confocal Microscopy, «ACS OMEGA», 2018, 3, pp. 9564 - 9571 [Scientific article]

Arianna Rivalta, Salzillo Tommaso, d’Agostino Simone, Giunchi Andrea, Brillante Aldo, Della Valle Raffaele Guido, Bedoya-Martinez Natalia, Zoyer Egbert, Grepioni Fabrizia, Venuti Elisabetta, Concomitant polymorphism: the curious case of Indigo, in: DCF2018, 2018, pp. 45 - 45 (atti di: Congresso della Divisione di Chimica Fisica della Società Chimica Italiana, Bologna, 25 - 28 Giugno 2018) [Abstract]

Elisa Musella, Isacco Gualandi, Erika Scavetta, Angelo Mullaliu, Marco Giorgetti, Arianna Rivalta, Elisabetta Venuti, Meganne Christian, Vittorio Morandi, Domenica Tonelli, NEW ELECTROCHEMICAL STRATEGY FOR THE PREPARATION OF LAYERED DOUBLE HYDROXIDES (LDHS), in: XVIII GIORNATA DELLA CHIMICA DELL’EMILIA ROMAGNA, 2018(atti di: XVIII GIORNATA DELLA CHIMICA DELL’EMILIA ROMAGNA, Parma, 17/12/2018) [Poster]

Elisa Musella, Isacco Gualandi, Erika Scavetta, Marco Giorgetti, Arianna Rivalta, Elisabetta Venuti, Meganne Christian, Vittorio Morandi, Domenica Tonelli, New electrochemical strategy for the preparation of layered double hydroxides (LDHs), in: Merck & Elsevier Young Chemists Symposium 2018, 2018, pp. 51 - 51 (atti di: Merck & Elsevier Young Chemists Symposium 2018, Rimini, 19-21 novembre 2018) [Abstract]

Della Valle, Raffaele Guido; Venuti, Elisabetta; Salzillo, Tommaso; Brillante, Aldo; Masino, Matteo; Girlando, Alberto, Simulated Raman spectra of four tetraphenylbutadiene polymorphs, «INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF QUANTUM CHEMISTRY», 2018, 118, Article number: qua.25503 , pp. 1 - 8 [Scientific article]

Tommaso Salzillo, Simone d'Agostino, Arianna Rivalta, Andrea Giunchi, Aldo Brillante, R.G. Della Valle, Natalia Bedoya-Martinez, Egbert Zojer, Fabrizia Grepioni, Elisabetta Venuti, Structural, Spectroscopic, and Computational Characterization of the Concomitant Polymorphs of the Natural Semiconductor Indigo, «JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL CHEMISTRY. C», 2018, 122, pp. 18422 - 18431 [Scientific article]

Schrode, Benedikt; Jones, Andrew O F; Resel, Roland; Bedoya, Natalia; Schennach, Robert; Geerts, Yves Henri; Ruzié, Christian; Sferrazza, Michele; Brillante, Aldo; Salzillo, Tommaso; Venuti, Elisabetta, Substrate-Induced Phase of a Benzothiophene Derivative Detected by Mid-Infrared and Lattice Phonon Raman Spectroscopy, «CHEMPHYSCHEM», 2018, 19, pp. 993 - 1000 [Scientific article]

Bedoya-Martínez, Natalia; Giunchi, Andrea; Salzillo, Tommaso; Venuti, Elisabetta; Della Valle, Raffaele Guido; Zojer, Egbert, Toward a Reliable Description of the Lattice Vibrations in Organic Molecular Crystals: The Impact of van der Waals Interactions, «JOURNAL OF CHEMICAL THEORY AND COMPUTATION», 2018, 14, pp. 4380-4390 - 4390 [Scientific article]Open Access

Benvenuti, Emilia*; Gentili, Denis; Chiarella, Fabio; Portone, Alberto; Barra, Mario; Cecchini, Marco; Cappuccino, Chiara; Zambianchi, Massimo; Lopez, Sergio G.; Salzillo, Tommaso; Venuti, Elisabetta; Cassinese, Antonio; Pisignano, Dario; Persano, Luana; Cavallini, Massimiliano; Maini, Lucia; Melucci, Manuela; Muccini, Michele; Toffanin, Stefano, Tuning polymorphism in 2,3-thienoimide capped oligothiophene based field-effect transistors by implementing vacuum and solution deposition methods, «JOURNAL OF MATERIALS CHEMISTRY. C», 2018, 6, pp. 5601 - 5608 [Scientific article]Open Access

Salzillo, Tommaso; Venuti, Elisabetta; Femoni, Cristina; Della Valle, Raffaele Guido; Tarroni, Riccardo; Brillante, Aldo, Crystal Structure of the 9-Anthracene–Carboxylic Acid Photochemical Dimer and Its Solvates by X-ray Diffraction and Raman Microscopy, «CRYSTAL GROWTH & DESIGN», 2017, 17, pp. 3361 - 3370 [Scientific article]

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