Foto del docente

Elisa Boschetti

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Biomedical and Neuromotor Sciences

Teaching tutor

Department of Medical and Surgical Sciences

Department of Chemistry "Giacomo Ciamician"

Academic discipline: BIO/16 Human Anatomy


Course units

90874 - Applied Biochemistry.

Teacher: Valeria Righi

Teaching activity in English



Degree programme:

Second cycle degree programme (LM) in Advanced Cosmetic Sciences

Lesson period: from October 18, 2021 to January 14, 2022

84262 - Biochemistry Laboratory (G1)

Module of  Chemistry and Biochemistry (I.C.)

Teacher: Cristiana Caliceti

Teaching activity in English



Degree programme:

Single cycle degree programme (LMCU) in Medicine and Surgery

Lesson period: from December 20, 2021 to January 26, 2022

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