Foto del docente

Eleonora Iaccheri

Junior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/09 Agricultural Machinery and Mechanization


Berardinelli A.; Bendini A.; Cevoli C.; Iaccheri E.; Valli E.; Gallina Toschi T.; Ragni L., The study of measurement systems for the assessment of basic qualitative and compositional parameters, based on the interaction of electromagnetic fields with oil products, «LA RIVISTA ITALIANA DELLE SOSTANZE GRASSE», 2014, 91, pp. 147 - 152 [Scientific article]

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Gallina Toschi T.; Berardinelli A.; Cevoli C.; Iaccheri E.; Di Lecce G.; Bendini A.; Ragni L., Effectiveness of the mechanical excitation applied to the olive paste: possible improving of the oil yield, in malaxation phase, by vibration systems, «JOURNAL OF AGRICULTURAL ENGINEERING», 2013, 44, Article number: 225 , pp. 166 - 169 [Scientific article]Open Access

Iaccheri E; Berardinelli A; Cevoli C; Fabbri A; Guarnieri A, Ortofrutticoli da consumo fresco: sistemi innovativi per il post-raccolta / Fruit and Vegetables for fresh market: post harvest innovations, «MONDO MACCHINA», 2013, 3-4, pp. 36 - 41 [Scientific article]