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Elena Trombini

Full Professor

Department of Psychology "Renzo Canestrari"

Academic discipline: M-PSI/07 Dynamic Psychology


Keywords: somatization psychodiagnostic consultation children- parents stress prematurity Childhood eating and evacuation disorders psychological intervention methods: the Focal Play Therapy end The Drawn Sories Tecnique

1) Psychosomatic disorders in the clinical practice:

- psychodiagnostic assessment of early eating and evacuation disorders (anorexia, obesity, stipsis, encopresis, enuresis) in the first and second childhood

- psycological intervention on the eating and evacuation disorders iwith the child and their parents

2) Prematurity:

- assessment of the child psychological development and of the parents-child interactions during hospitalization and the  follow-up period

- assessment of psychological support given to parents and preterm born infant

- training for multidisciplinary equipe of NICU (S.Orsola- Malpighi Hospital, Univesity of Bologna) and evaluation of training outcomes