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Elena Catelli

Full Professor

Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences

Academic discipline: VET/05 Infectious Diseases of Domestic Animals


Keywords: Avian diseases Avian virology Avian Immunosuppressive diseases Avian Respiratory diseases Avian viral neoplastic diseases Avian Vaccines Molecular epidemiology

all fields of the poultry diseases. In particular: viral respiratory and immunosuppresive infections like Avian metapneumovirus, Infectious bronchitis, Newcastle disease, Infectious Bursal Disease viruses, haemorragic entritis of turkey.  Molecular epidemiology, pathogenicity in vivo studies, in vivo evaluation of safety and efficacy of live attenuated traditional and new generation vaccines, investigation of mechanisms of reversion to virulence of live vaccines and field virus evolution, development and testing of avian metapneumovirus recombinant vaccines for the expression of surface heterologous proteins.