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Elena Baldi

Senior assistant professor (fixed-term)

Department of Agricultural and Food Sciences

Academic discipline: AGR/03 Arboriculture and Fruitculture


Quartieri M.; Toselli M.; Baldi E.; Polidori G.; Germani M.A.; Noferini M.; Xylogiannis E., Effect of the method and volume of irrigation on yield and fruit quality of yellow fleshed kiwifruit in northern Italy, in: Acta Horticulturae, Lovino, International Society for Horticultural Science, «ACTA HORTICULTURAE», 2022, 1332, pp. 211 - 218 (atti di: X International Symposium on Kiwifruit, Yalova, Turkey, 27-30 settembre 2021) [Contribution to conference proceedings]

Marcolini G.; Toselli M.; Gioacchini P.; Ciavatta C.; Quartieri M.; Sorrenti G.; Montecchio D.; Baldi E., Evolution CO2-C induced by plant-derived carbon soil input: Evaluation of the priming effect promoted by Meliaceae by-products, «APPLIED SOIL ECOLOGY», 2022, 171, Article number: 104340 , pp. 1 - 9 [Scientific article]

Paula B.V.D.; Vitto B.B.; Sete P.B.; Trapp T.; Zalamena J.; Melo G.W.B.D.; Baldi E.; Toselli M.; Rozane D.E.; Brunetto G., Annual and residual urea nitrogen contribution to the nutrition of peach trees (Prunus persica L.) grown under subtropical climate, «SCIENTIA HORTICULTURAE», 2021, 284, Article number: 110099 , pp. 1 - 6 [Scientific article]

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Tassinari A.; da Silva L.O.S.; Drescher G.L.; de Oliveira R.A.; Baldi E.; de Melo G.W.B.; Zalamena J.; Mayer N.A.; Giacomini S.J.; Carranca C.L.A.F.; Ferreira P.A.A.; de Paula B.V.; Loss A.; Toselli M.; Brunetto G., Contribution of Cover Crop Residue Decomposition to Peach Tree Nitrogen Nutrition, «JOURNAL OF SOIL SCIENCE AND PLANT NUTRITION», 2021, 21, pp. 2124 - 2136 [Scientific article]

Baldi E.; Gioacchini P.; Montecchio D.; Mocali S.; Antonielli L.; Masoero G.; Toselli M., Effect of biofertilizers application on soil biodiversity and litter degradation in a commercial apricot orchard, «AGRONOMY», 2021, 11, Article number: 1116 , pp. 1 - 18 [Scientific article]Open Access

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Baldi E.; Cavani L.; Mazzon M.; Marzadori C.; Quartieri M.; Toselli M., Fourteen years of compost application in a commercial nectarine orchard: effect on microelements and potential harmful elements in soil and plants, «SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT», 2021, 752, Article number: 141894 , pp. 1 - 11 [Scientific article]

Baldi, Elena; Quartieri, Maurizio; Aldini, A; Zaccarelli, A; Toselli, Moreno;, Migliorare lo stato nutrizionale delle piante con la gestione del suolo, «RIVISTA DI FRUTTICOLTURA E DI ORTOFLORICOLTURA», 2021, 2, pp. 42 - 50 [Scientific article]

Baldi E.; Bravo K.; Flore J.A.; Toselli M., Organic fertilization affects carbon assimilation and partitioning of nonbearing potted strawberry plants, «JOURNAL OF PLANT NUTRITION», 2021, 45, pp. 572 - 582 [Scientific article]

Farias Barreto C; Correa Antunes L.E.;Toselli M.; Baldi E.; Sorrenti G.; Quartieri M;, Organic fertilization and crop load in yield and quality of organic nectarines in Italy, «REVISTA BRASILEIRA DE FRUTICULTURA», 2021, 43, pp. 1 - 13 [Scientific article]

Baldi, Elena; Toselli, Moreno, Organic Fertilization of Fruit Trees as an Alternative to Mineral Fertilizers: Effect on Plant Growth, Yield and Fruit Quality, in: Plant Growth and Stress Physiology, Plant in Challenging Environments, Cham, D. K. Gupta, J. M. Palma, 2021, pp. 129 - 150 [Chapter or essay]

Parcianello C.F.; Berghetti A.L.P.; Araujo M.M.; Sans G.A.; Soares V.M.; de Oliveira V.V.T.; Alves V.W.; Stefanello L.O.; Kulmann M.S.S.; Toselli M.; Baldi E.; Brunetto G., Root system morphology of ipê-roxo tree grown in soil subjected to phosphorus application in subtropical climate region, «AGRONOMY», 2021, 11, Article number: 1563 , pp. 1 - 13 [Scientific article]Open Access

Sciubba, Luigi; Mazzon, Martina; Cavani, Luciano; Baldi, Elena; Toselli, Moreno; Ciavatta, Claudio; Marzadori, Claudio, Soil Response to Agricultural Land Abandonment: A Case Study of a Vineyard in Northern Italy, «AGRONOMY», 2021, 11, pp. 1 - 15 [Scientific article]

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