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Domenico Galli

Associate Professor

Department of Physics and Astronomy "Augusto Righi"

Academic discipline: FIS/01 Experimental Physics

Short Bio

Associate Professor at the University of Bologna since 2002, performing research in the field of Elementary Particle Physics. His research interests lie particularly in the study of the violation of CP symmetry (the symmetry between matter and anti-matter), of Flavor Physics and of Physics of Rare Decays.

Currently working in the LHCb experiment at CERN (Geneva) as research associate of INFN (Istituto Nazionale di Fisica Nucleare). He is author of more than 600 papers on international journals.

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+39 051 20 9 1027

Other contacts

+41 227673755

Dipartimento di Fisica e Astronomia
Via Irnerio 46, Bologna - Go to map

Office hours

In the period from February, 18th, 2021 to April, 29th, 2020 and out of the lecture cycles (January-February and June-September) office hours are on days:

  • Wednesday, 9:30-10:30.

on phone (+39-051-20-91027) / e-mail ( agreement.

The professor can meet the students in person (in the professor office, DIFA, Department of Physics and Astronomy, via Irnerio, 46, Bologna, I floor, east wing, room 90) or remotely (via TEAMS).

Besides, the professor answers the questions posted to the topical fora in the web site "Virtuale", at the address: